Have you ever thought of going on a Disney Cruise? Although they are expensive, Disney cruises provide high-end entertainment for all ages, including shows and character meet-and-greets. There are many ways to book a Disney Cruise. Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms are a great option for those looking to spend a little more. What’s a Disney […]

Have you ever thought of going on a Disney Cruise? Although they are expensive, Disney cruises provide high-end entertainment for all ages, including shows and character meet-and-greets. There are many ways to book a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms are a great option for those looking to spend a little more.

What’s a Disney Cruise Concierge?

You have the choice of a number of staterooms when you book a Disney cruise. The interior staterooms are the cheapest and have no windows. The most expensive rooms have an ocean view or verandah. Disney Cruise Concierge rooms are the most expensive.

In addition to better rooms, passengers who book at the concierge level will receive additional benefits such as access to an exclusive onboard lounge and personal concierge, and easier access to bookings.

Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms

You can expect to receive a larger room when you book at the concierge level. However, it will depend on the ship you are sailing on. You can choose from a one-bedroom, two-bedroom or royal suite measuring 1,000 square feet.

  • Disney Dream: The ship features a Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom that sleeps five, and a Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite that sleeps five. Both have wheelchair-accessible options available. The Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah sleeps five.

  • Disney Fantasy – The ship has identical rooms to the Disney Dream.

  • Disney Wish: There are many more room options available on the Disney Wish ship. These include Concierge 1 Story Royal Suite with Verandah; Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom and Verandah; Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom and Concierge 1 Bedroom Suite with Extended Verandah; Concierge 2 Story Royal Suite with Verandah; Concierge 2 Bedroom Suite with Verandah; Concierge Wish Tower Suite. Concierge Wish Tower Suite and Concierge 1-Story Royal Suite both have six beds, while Concierge 2-Story Royal Suite has eight. All other rooms sleep five, and wheelchair-accessible versions are available.

  • Disney Magic: Four concierge-level rooms are available on the Disney Magic. They include Concierge Royal Suite (sleeps seven), concierge 1-Bedroom Suite (sleeps 5), concierge 2-Bedroom Suite (sleeps 7), and concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom (sleeps 5). Wheelchair-accessible options are available for the Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah.

Disney Cruise Concierge perks

What kind of perks can you expect to receive when you book a concierge-level hotel room? Are you familiar with the benefits of booking a club-level hotel room? These benefits are similar, but you will get more when you book a Disney concierge hotel room.

This is a complete list of all the benefits that come with Disney Cruise Concierge Level.

Disney Cruise Concierge perks

  • Onboard bookings available early access

  • Personal concierge.

  • Priority boarding.

  • Separate check in area.

  • Exclusive lounge.

  • Daily alcoholic beverages are free.

  • Free snacks.

  • In-room refrigerators are stock.

  • Exclusive sun deck.

  • Unique gifts.

  • Additional Wi-Fi package.

  • In-room dining available.

  • Meet and greet with private characters.

  • Shows and early seating.

  • Priority disembarkation.

A Disney cruise has a lot of amenities so it is difficult to add value. However, Disney concierge-level rooms make your trip more enjoyable by making your stay easier. This means that you will get better service and priority access wherever you travel.

Access to the concierge room includes a lounge with snacks and beverages. You can also enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages in the evening, which is a rare luxury on cruises.


Disney allows you to bring two bottles of wine and six bottles of beer onboard your cruise. Restocking at ports of call is also possible, which allows you to save money.

Priority access to onboard bookings is the most important perk. You can book additional activities onboard, but it is dependent upon your Disney Cruise Elite status and the type of your room.

The lowest rung can book activities up to 90 days in advance. The Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms can book 120 days ahead of departure, giving them priority for all activities. You can relax and let the Concierge Team make all bookings for you.

Some activities that you can book in advance include:

  • Port adventures.

  • Reservations for adults-only dining at Palo and Remy (on Dream and Fantasy only).

  • Spa treatments.

Requests for dining room seating can be made

Is Disney Cruise Concierge worth it?

Is it worth booking a Disney Cruise Concierge-Level Room? This is a personal question that requires a different answer. These are some questions to ask before you book one of these rooms.

  • What do you value most in your time? Early arrival allows you to board first and skip the majority of lines during your cruise.

  • Are your children traveling with you? Having a private meet and greet can make the difference between getting a photo taken quickly or waiting in line to get one.

  • What activities are you looking to do? These exclusive spots are only available to concierge-level guests who have purchased a room.

What about the price? We compared two staterooms on a four night Disney cruise leaving from San Diego to see the differences in pricing.

Our check-in revealed that the cheapest room was $1,135 per person for two. There is not much space for movement with a floor area of approximately 170 feet. This is an inside room so there are no windows.

For two people, the least expensive concierge room was $3,431 This rate would get you a stateroom and not a suite. However, you’d have your private verandah, almost twice the space, and a more spacious room. These perks are in addition to the many perks that concierge-level bookings offer.

It is a smart financial move to pay three times as much to get a concierge room. These are significant perks. You could still buy two more cruises at this rate and still have some money in your pocket.

A concierge booking is a great way to maximize your time on a Disney cruise. This option may be worth considering if you are planning on a once in a lifetime trip. You’ll want first access to all the Disney goodies.

To book a Disney Cruise Concierge Room

It’s clear that Disney cruises are elegant. The concierge rooms are a completely different experience. Although they can be expensive, they offer a wide range of benefits.

Before you make your Disney cruise booking, think about whether you will be able take advantage of the concierge-level amenities. Save your money and go on your own activities or take a couple more cruises to enjoy a less-expensive Disney experience.

Featured photo courtesy Disney Cruise Line.

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