Lane Bryant has used a variety of slogans throughout the years to describe its clothing brand, including “Nobody fits your like Lane Bryant.” The Lane Bryant Credit Card isn’t up to the mark.

It has drawbacks that are common in credit cards , such as a high APR (29.99% at the time of writing), low rewards value, and limited redemption options.

Five things you need to know about Lane Bryant Credit Card.

1. Lane Bryant is the only place that will accept your order

The Lane Bryant Credit Card, which is issued by Comenity, can only be used within the brand. Lane Bryant stores,, and Cacique (which sells swimwear and undergarments for plus-sized women) are all included.

A card like the American Express Blue Cash Everyday(r), which can be used in multiple stores, is an open-loop credit option. You can earn 3% cashback at U.S. grocery stores, U.S. gasoline stations and U.S. online shopping purchases. The 3% rate is limited to $6,000 per category; thereafter, the card earns only 1%. Terms and conditions apply. See rates and fees.

To qualify for the best open loop rewards credit cards, you will need to have good credit (FICO scores at least 690) Even if your credit score is less than 630, you may still be eligible for rewards cards that are available virtually anywhere.

2. The amount you spend will determine how high your rewards rate

Lane Bryant Credit Card is linked to the loyalty program “Lane Rewards” and earns points. Members at the base tier of Lane Rewards are eligible to earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases even if they don’t have a credit card. If you use your Lane Bryant Credit Card to pay, you will get at least 15 Points for every $1 you spend.

You can earn more points depending on your membership status in the Lane Rewards Program. Here is how it works:

Lane Rewards status

Annual spending requirement

Earn points with the Lane Bryant Credit Card

$0 – $349.

15 points for every $1 spent.

$350 – $799.

20 Points per $1.

25 points for every $1 spent.

Lane Rewards members who don’t spend the required amount in the calendar year following their earning of the status will see their status lowered.


Lane Bryant Credit Card purchases are eligible for extended returns of up to 60 days if you have a valid receipt. Non-Lane Bryant cardholders can request a refund/exchange within 45 days.

3. span>Points don’t have much value span>

You’ll receive a $10 reward for every 3,000 points you earn. Each point is approximately three-tenths worth a penny. This is a very low reward card compared to other rewards cards.

Reward points earned with the Lane Bryant credit card can only be used within Lane Bryant brands.

This is compared to a general rewards credit cards like the citi(r) Double cash Card . These points can be used for a statement credit or direct deposit, and are worth 1 cent each.

4. They expire quickly,

Lane Bryant Credit Card holder can earn unlimited points but they expire after 12 month.

What about the rewards you get when you earn those points? These have a shorter shelf life of just 60 days.

By contrast, many credit cards offer rewards that don’t expire so long as they are open.

5. Sign-up bonuses are paltry

A $20 sign-up bonus is available when you open a Lane Bryant Credit Card. To receive the $20 bonus, you must use your credit card the same day it was opened. It can only be redeemed at the store where the card was applied for, in-store or online. To redeem your sign-up bonus online you must spend at most $20.01, but Lane Bryant stores don’t require a minimum purchase.

Although $20 off your purchase at the checkout sounds like a good deal, it pales when compared to sign-up bonuses on other credit cards. Many of these are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. These cards have higher rewards rates and no annual fees.