The World of Westgate Mastercard is a great way to earn additional rewards on your next vacation if you own a Westgate Resorts timeshare, or you frequent one of their resorts.

The card comes with a $0 annual fee and earns 3% on all Westgate purchases. This includes your timeshare mortgage. This card does not offer any additional rewards and your Westgate rewards can only be redeemed at Westgate. Most people, even timeshare owners, will do better with a general credit card for travel.

If you are a Westgate loyalist and want a simple way of earning rewards on your vacations, the card’s easy redemption and straightforward rewards might be a good choice.

What you need to know regarding the World of Westgate Mastercard.

1. Imprint is an app that allows you to apply for and manage your card.

The World of Westgate Mastercard is available on Westgate’s website. However, you cannot apply for it there. Instead, you will find a QR code that you can scan and a website that you can visit from your smartphone. Each option will take you to the app store on your phone to download Imprint. After the app is downloaded, Imprint will guide through the application process.

After approval, a virtual card will be issued to you that you can instantly use through the app, or by adding it into a digital wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.


The company offered an earlier credit card, Westgate rewards mastercard, that was issued by Comenity Bank, but it was discontinued in 2021.

2. Sign up now to receive a small bonus

After approval, make three purchases within the first 180 days to receive 50,000 points. These points can be used for $50 off your next Westgate purchase. Although this is lower than other no-annual-fee credit cards, it’s not common for credit cards to offer bonuses that don’t require you to spend any money.

Similar hotel cards may require that you spend between $1,000 and $2,000 to qualify for a bonus. The World of Westgate Mastercard will give you a bonus for any three purchases, no matter how small.

3. Earnings are not impressive

Westgate offers a 3% return on all purchases, including timeshare mortgage payments and on-property property purchases. Unique is the ability to pay your timeshare mortgage with a credit card.

Although this rate is solid, the World of Westgate Mastercard is not a great standalone card. You won’t be able to earn higher rewards for purchases made outside of the hotel chain. All other purchases earn you 1% back

The Wells Fargo Active Cash Card(r) could be an option if you don’t want to carry more than one card. Every purchase earns cardholders 2%. While Westgate purchases are less lucrative, the rate for purchases made outside the hotel will make up the difference.

Westgate loyalists can also have both credit cards and could use the World of Westgate Mastercard to stay at the hotel and the Wells Fargo Active cash(r) Card for everything else.


Points are your reward. 10 points equals 1 cent. For every dollar spent at Westgate you will earn 30 points which equals 3 cents

4. Only Westgate can redeem your rewards

Only Westgate purchases are eligible for the rewards you earn with the World of Westgate Mastercard. You don’t need to redeem your Westgate Mastercard rewards for reservations. Redeem your timeshare mortgages for restaurants on-site and other activities on-property.

Redeeming your Westgate rewards on many Westgate purchases is easy for timeshare holders as well as frequent Westgate visitors. Other cards offer more flexibility. The Wells Fargo Active cash(r) card offers more flexibility in terms of rewards. Redeem your rewards to receive a statement credit or a mailed cheque, direct deposit into a Wells Fargo checking account or savings account, or withdraw at an ATM at Wells Fargo (in increments up to $20 span>


Westgate has loyalty levels. However, timeshare owners are only eligible for higher tiers. The Member Tier is open to anyone and offers discounts up to 10% on direct bookings, free Wi-Fi, and discounts on some fees.

5. The card does not come with many perks

Many hotel cards, even those with no annual fees, come with valuable extras such as elite status and free nights. These perks are not available to the World of Westgate Mastercard. This is not a problem if you already own timeshares or are loyal to the hotel brand. If you aren’t a Westgate fan, you can probably get better value from a different card.

The Wyndham Rewards(r), Earner(sm), Credit Card has no annual fees, but you will earn 7,500 points each anniversary once you have spent $15,000 on the card. Automatic Gold status will allow you to check late, use Wi-Fi, and choose your preferred room when it’s available. Wyndham purchases earn you rewards. You also get higher rewards at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.