It can be difficult for parents to travel with their children, particularly when they have to fly internationally. Global Entry is a great way to save time at the airport and reduce waiting times for security and customs. Can kids apply for Global Entry? Yes, you can. Global Entry, unlike TSA PreCheck which lets kids […] GettyImages 1141528479 1 2 1440x864 1 768x461

It can be difficult for parents to travel with their children, particularly when they have to fly internationally.

Global Entry is a great way to save time at the airport and reduce waiting times for security and customs. Can kids apply for Global Entry? Yes, you can.

Global Entry, unlike TSA PreCheck which lets kids as young as 12 use expedited lanes alongside adults, is mandatory for all travelers.

Find out more about global entry , such as how to apply, the cost, and how kids can experience an interview.

What is global entry?

Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program (CBP), allows travelers to be processed more quickly through Customs upon their return from an international trip.

Members are pre-approved for low-risk travel so that they can access expedited security lines when returning to customs.

Returning travelers can use Global Entry kiosks to present their passports. They must also answer questions about customs. They also identify travelers using fingerprints and facial recognition, as well as providing a receipt to be given to customs agents.

Members of Global Entry also have access to TSA PreCheck security lanes. The members of Global Entry enjoy less intrusive searches, body scans and carry-on luggage that speed up airport security.

Global Entry: How much does it cost?

The Global Entry membership costs $100 per year. It is an annual average cost of about $20. The price is the same for adults and children.

TSA PreCheck is a lower cost option, at $78 per five-year period. It only covers travel within the United States.

Reimbursement of Global Entry fees by credit cards

Card that refunds Global Entry fees

Conditions apply.

Many credit cards only allow you to use this benefit once every 4 to 5 years. You can find out how many times you are eligible to use the benefit by checking with your card.

You can pay the application fee for any applicant if you own a card that covers these costs. You can choose anyone, such as your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, or friends.

What age is the minimum requirement for children to be Global Entry members?

After returning to Cancun with my six-month old daughter, I learned that all people need Global Entry.

There is no age restriction for TSA PreCheck. Global Entry is required to access the Global Entry lanes.

Our baby did not have Global Entry.

He asked us for our baby’s documents as we gave him the passport and the interview slip. She didn’t even have an interview slip, I said. He replied, “I’m sorry, but you all need Global Entry in order to use this line. ”

We were able to get through because the agent was understanding and sympathetic. We were given a warning, and reminded to get our child a Global Entry membership.

After we got back home, I applied to Global Entry. We booked the interview as soon as her conditional approval was received.

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry for children is identical to the application for adults. The online application requires you to create an account, and answer questions.

You will be asked to provide identifying details, including your date of birth and Social Security Number. You’ll also need to give information on recent travels, such as the list of countries that you visited in the past five years.

Pay the fee via the CBP site once your application has been completed. The fee cannot be refunded (although, as mentioned above, certain credit cards may reimburse the cost). This fee will be charged to your credit or debit card, whether or not you are approved.

CBP will conduct a background check based on the application of your child. After this is complete, your application will be approved conditionally and you can schedule an interview for your child.

Book an Interview

You can schedule an interview for your child at a location of your choice once they have been approved conditionally.

Booking an interview with Global Entry is a bit of a hassle. There are many offices that are short-staffed and appointments are highly sought after. It may take weeks or even months to get an interview at the local office.

As I wrote this article, the Nashville Enrollment Centre had no available appointments for the following three months.

You can avoid this by driving or flying to another city with more availability. We booked my wife’s appointment for Global Entry during her layover in New York JFK when she first applied. We drove my son about 90 minutes to Huntsville in Alabama, for his interview.

Enrollment at arrival

You can enroll at the airport if you are unable to find an appointment time. You will be interviewed at Customs upon your return after an overseas trip.

Just walk through the Global Entry queue, approach an agent at your arrival and tell them that you would like to conduct an interview.

This was something we did with my son on the return flight to Cabo a few years back. Southwest Airlines’ flight made a Phoenix stop. The customs agent asked him a couple of questions, and then approved his entry. It took only a few moments to complete the process.

What does the Global Entry interview look like for kids?

During your Global Entry interview, you will be asked a number of questions by the agent to confirm your identity and information provided on your application. They’ll also take your fingerprints and photo. The process for children is slightly different.

Your child may not be able to answer the questions asked by the interviewer, depending on his or her age. This is why parents or guardians must be at their child’s Global Entry Interview. The adult answers the questions instead of the child. The main purpose of the interview, once again is to verify the information on the application.

The interviewer will take a picture of the child and then fingerprint him. CBP doesn’t fingerprint children younger than four years old.

Recap of Global Entry for Children

The Global Entry membership is a valuable one that can save you time when traveling abroad. Global Entry is required for all children, even babies.

Children’s program fees and application are identical to those for adults. The interview is usually quicker and depending on your child’s age, they may not have to fingerprint them.


Global Entry: How long is it valid?

Membership to Global Entry is valid for five years. The average cost per year is around $20, as the benefits last for several years. Most credit cards cover this cost as well, making it easy for travellers to take advantage of the program.

What is better, Global Entry or TSA preCheck?

Two Trusted Traveler Programs, Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, can help you minimize the time spent at airport security. TSA PreCheck allows domestic travelers to use special airport security lanes. TSA PreCheck is available to Global Entry members, as are special kiosks which speed up the U.S. Customs process after returning from an international trip.

What age is required for Global Entry?

No matter your age, Global Entry is required by all international travellers. Global Entry is required for all international travelers, regardless of age.

Is a parent required to be Global Entry to allow the child to submit a Global Entry application?

Global Entry is not available to children who apply on their own. Children must be given permission by a parent to apply. The parent does not have to be a Global Entry member for their child to join.

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