Imagine this: You are looking to purchase a JetBlue Airways flight and you see several fare options, including Blue Basic, Blue Plus and Blue Extra. Do they all offer different types of service? Are they all economy tickets? Or just minor extras? How can you sort through all the choices? Mint is JetBlue’s premium option. […]

Imagine this: You are looking to purchase a JetBlue Airways flight and you see several fare options, including Blue Basic, Blue Plus and Blue Extra. Do they all offer different types of service? Are they all economy tickets? Or just minor extras? How can you sort through all the choices?

Mint is JetBlue’s premium option. Blue fares will give you a standard economy seating and one step above Blue Basic JetBlue’s basic economy fare. While the experience will not blow your mind, you will be able to enjoy some perks that aren’t available in a basic economy seat.

Let’s find out what JetBlue Blue seats are, how to book a Blue ticket, and what makes it different from other JetBlue fares.

What can you expect when flying a JetBlue Blue fare

What is a JetBlue Blue flight? This is what you should expect when you book a standard economy ticket.

  • Bag allowance: JetBlue Blue passengers receive one bag free on flights to London. A second bag costs $105. For domestic flights within the United States or to Latin America and the Caribbean, passengers will need to pay $35 for their first piece of luggage and $45 to get the second. JetBlue Blue fares include a complimentary carry-on bag that can fit in the overhead bin.

  • Seats: Blue fare includes a seat selection. Depending on the aircraft, the seat pitch can vary from 32 to 34 inches.

  • Lounges: JetBlue does not operate airport lounges. However, if you have Priority Pass Select membership via a credit card you can access one of these lounges with a JetBlue same-day ticket.

  • Entertainment: JetBlue is America’s only airline that has a screen in every seat. This is one reason JetBlue ranked first in NerdWallet’s survey on the best airline entertainment. Every passenger has access to live TV and movies, as well as on-demand TV programs. All passengers can also enjoy JetBlue’s high-speed Wi Fi on every aircraft.

  • Food and beverages: Economy passengers receive complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. For those over 21, wine, beer, and spirits can be purchased. You will receive a complimentary hot meal and alcoholic beverages for those who fly Blue to London.

  • Earn rewards: When you book a JetBlue Blue flight, you will earn 3 TrueBlue Points for every dollar you spend on the base fare. You can also earn an additional 3 TrueBlue Points per dollar if the flight is booked on JetBlue’s website. The points earnings of Mosaic elite members, co-branded credit card holders and co-branded credit card holder increase even further.


JetBlue Blue’s cancellation and change policies are the same as those for economy-level tickets on other airlines. You can cancel your flight by calling JetBlue Travel Bank. The value of your ticket will be added to your account as a future credit. To avoid paying $25, you can cancel your flight online.

Book a JetBlue Blue Fare Ticket

It is easy to book a JetBlue Blue Fare ticket. Go to JetBlue.com, enter your departure and return dates, and the number of passengers. Next, search for flights.

When you view the flight search results, the Blue Basic fare will be displayed. Change your selection to Blue on the left and a new set will be displayed. Choose the option you prefer.

After you have selected the return flight, a popup will appear with an upsell for a Blue Extra fare. If you wish to get a few more perks, click on “Select Blue” and stick with your original selection.

Check your email to confirm your order.

To redeem JetBlue TrueBlue Points towards a flight, please note that the Blue fare will be used as the default fare. Blue Basic tickets can only be purchased on award redemptions.

JetBlue Blue is compared to other fare types

Blue Extra and Blue Plus are two additional JetBlue economy fares available. These fares are comparable to other JetBlue economy tickets.

JetBlue Blue vs. Blue Additional

While the difference between JetBlue Blue Extra and Blue Blue Blue is not significant, it can make a big difference if you want a smoother airport experience or more flexibility on your flight.

You will need to pay $75 if you want to change your Blue ticket to another same day flight (both confirmed or standby). Blue Extra includes the cost of the change. You’ll also get early boarding privileges, even more speed, and access to faster security lines at selected airports.

Other than that, you can carry on as many bags as you like, and pay no cancellation or change fees. You also get rewards at the same rates for both fares.

JetBlue Basic Vs. Blue Plus

Blue Basic & Blue Plus are both economy-class fares. However, they fall on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Blue Basic has very few amenities, as the name implies. Here’s what to expect from a JetBlue Blue Basic fare.

  • Personal items are allowed but must fit under your seat.

  • No carry-on bags allowed, except for flights to and from London.

  • The checked bags are not included.

  • $50 to $200 cancellation or change fee.

  • $75 fee to have same-day switches confirmed or on standby.

  • Advance seat selection fee.

  • Last group that boards.

  • Earns 1 TrueBlue point per dollar spent on base fare.

The JetBlue Blue Plus fare includes all the following:

  • One carry-on bag free.

  • One checked bag free.

  • No cancellations or changes.

  • $75 fee to have same-day switches confirmed or on standby.

  • Free advance seat selection.

  • General boarding group.

  • Earns 3 True Blue points per dollar spent on base fare.

How to get great value

JetBlue Blue offers three different fare classes, so you can get more value from your booking.

Get credit card perks

You and up to three companions who have the JetBlue Plus Card can each check a bag free of charge if you use it to pay for your flights. A group of four can save as much as $280 by checking one piece of luggage.

In addition, JetBluePlus Card cardholders get 6 TrueBlue Points per dollar on JetBlue purchases. This means your rewards will add up quicker.

Use True Blue points to redeem Basic Economy

Award redemptions get you into a minimum of a Blue fare. This means you can avoid booking a basic economy flight, which has restrictions like no carry-on bags and fees for cancellations or changes.

Save miles with Off-peak Travel

JetBlue TrueBlue points have an exact value and are tied to a cash cost. You will need more points to book an award flight if the ticket is more expensive. You can save miles if you fly on dates that are less expensive.

Weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends and spring break dates tend to be more expensive than regular weeks. This means that the more you save, the lower the demand.

Blue fares at JetBlue recapped

JetBlue Blue fare refers to a regular economy seat on JetBlue planes. This is the lowest class service that you can book using TrueBlue points. However, it includes a free carry-on bag and a choice of seats. There are no cancellation or change fees.

Image courtesy JetBlue Airways.

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