Marriott is the most recognized hotel brand in the world. If you’re traveling to the 139 countries and territories that make up the global footprint, you’ll be able to find one of its 8,000+ properties. Marriott Bonvoy is a loyalty program that rewards frequent travelers who stay at 30 of the company’s brands. Your elite […]

Marriott is the most recognized hotel brand in the world. If you’re traveling to the 139 countries and territories that make up the global footprint, you’ll be able to find one of its 8,000+ properties. Marriott Bonvoy is a loyalty program that rewards frequent travelers who stay at 30 of the company’s brands. Your elite status will increase the more you stay. You can earn Marriott’s Gold Elite status if you stay 25 nights per year at Marriott hotels.

What does Gold Elite for you as a traveler mean? This article will explain everything you need about Marriott Gold Elite status. It includes the benefits and how to get it.

Marriott Gold Elite benefits

Marriott offers Gold Elite members benefits across all of its brands. These are some additional benefits you can enjoy as a Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite member.

25% bonus points. Get 25% more points when you buy at Marriott properties. This includes incidentals, room rates, and services that are charged to your room.

Upgrade to a higher room. Subject to availability, receive a room upgrade on your arrival. You may be eligible for enhanced room upgrades such as:

  • Rooms with better view.

  • Rooms located on high floors.

  • Unique amenities in rooms

  • Executive floors with rooms.

  • Upgrades to rooms with Club access at Ritz Carlton are not possible.

Priority late check-out. 2 p.m. checkout available at all Marriott properties.

Get free high-speed Wi-Fi in your room at Marriott Hotels. Gold members get access to the fastest Wi-Fi in their rooms.

How do I become a Marriott Bonvoy Elite member

You can earn Marriott Gold Elite status by accumulating 25 elite night credits. However, you will need to pay for nearly a month’s worth of Marriott property stays. Marriott offers several ways to become a Gold Elite member. These include elite night bonuses from credit card and credits for business meetings where participants stay in Marriott hotels. Gold Elite status can be earned with some credit cards. These are the steps to earn Gold Elite status.

Stay in hotels belonging to the Marriott family of brands

Staying at the hotel of your choice is the best way to earn elite status in any hotel program. Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status will be granted to those who stay at least 25 nights in the Marriott brand family. Your elite night credits include both paid and award stays. However, you do not get any free nights for bookings with certificates.

Get Gold status with your travel card benefit

The Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant ™ American Express(r), Card provides complimentary Platinum Elite status. This includes an additional set of benefits that are not available to Gold Elite members.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Get elite night credits by using a credit card

If you are unable to afford the above credit cards, you might consider getting elite night credits with one of Marriott’s co-branded credit card in partnership with Chase or American Express. As an added benefit, most Marriott-branded credit card cards offer 15 elite nights. These credit cards grant 15 elite nights credits for just holding the card.

Terms and Conditions apply.

In addition to the 15 elite night credits, the Marriott Boundless(r), Credit Card gives you one extra elite night for every $5,000 spent on the card.

Based on which cards they have, the maximum number of elite night credits that a Marriott Bonvoy member can earn is 40. Although the elite nights cannot be combined with consumer cards, you can still add them to your total if both a consumer and business card are held. You would get 40 elite night credits if you had the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant ™ American Express Card (25 nights) along with an additional Marriott Bonvoy Business (r) American Express Card(15 nights). The 40 elite night credits do not include the elite night credits earned by spending on the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless (r) Credit Card. These terms and conditions apply.

Events at Marriott properties

You can earn elite night credits for participants who stay at Marriott hotels when you host an event or meet. For every 20 rooms booked as part of an event held at a Marriott property, you can earn one Elite Night credit.

Get Gold Elite status as United Premier Gold member

What is the value of the Marriott elite status?

NerdWallet’s extensive analysis of hotel elite status shows that Marriott Gold status is less valuable than the mid-tier statuses in terms of value. NerdWallet found that Marriott Gold Elite status has a value of $126. This is only 3% of what it takes to attain Gold Elite status.

As a perk, you might be able to get Marriott Gold Elite status through one of the credit cards. You can get the program benefits for significantly less than $4,000 if you earn it. The Marriott Bonvoy Business(r), American Express(r), Card, for example, offers Gold Elite status with an annual fee only $125. These terms and conditions apply.

This is a summary of the value of each level of Marriott elite status:

Marriott elite status level


How much does it cost to earn

Elite earning rates


What other information do you need about Marriott Gold?

Marriott promotions offer frequent discounts.

Marriott often runs promotions that Bonvoy members should take advantage of, especially if they frequently stay at Marriott Hotels. Marriott Bonvoy members must register to receive promotions. These emails are usually sent to them via email. Some offers include bonuses points for longer stays and increased rewards.

Also, you can find promotions by logging in to the Marriott Bonvoy website and clicking on the “Promotions” link at the top. ”

Marriott offers lifetime Gold Elite status

Marriott Bonvoy may offer lifetime status to those who have devoted their lives to the Marriott brand for more than ten years. Lifetime Gold Elite status is available to program members who have stayed at least 400 nights in qualifying hotels and held Gold Elite or higher status for at least seven years.

Final thoughts about Marriott Gold

Bonvoy members can earn a small amount of points by becoming a Marriott Gold Elite member. This status gives them access to high-speed internet and paid stays. This status offers upgrades and complimentary late check-out, but these are subject to availability. Although Gold Elite status at Marriott Bonvoy is not the most glamorous hotel status, it’s easy to achieve through Marriott’s many credit cards and travel partnerships. You can earn 25 elite night credits or complimentary Gold Elite status.

This Marriott Bountiful(tm), Card credit-card information has been collected and stored by NerdWallet. It has not been reviewed nor provided by the card issuer.

This page shows the rates and fees for the Marriott Bonvoy Business (r) American Express (r) Card.

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