Many airlines advertise that if you are an elite member of one of their competitors you can convert this status into status with them. Hawaiian Airlines is not one of these airlines. You won’t find any instructions on how you can convert your United, Delta or American Airlines elite flying cred into Pualani elite status at Hawaiian. However, that doesn’t mean that you are out of luck. You may even be eligible to receive a trial Pualani Gold and Platinum status. Asking is the key.

Learn more about Hawaiian Airlines’ loyalty program, HawaiianMiles. Also, how to status match elite flier benefits to Hawaiian Airlines into Hawaiian’s Pualani elite rank.

How HawaiianMiles works

Hawaiian Airlines offers a frequent flier program called HawaiianMiles that anyone can join for free. Pualani Elite status is available to members who fly the airline often. It comes in two levels:

  • Pualani gold.

  • Pualani Platinum

To earn Pualani gold status, you will need to fly 20,000 miles, or 30 segments, on qualified flights with the airline in a calendar year. You must travel 40,000 miles, or complete 60 segments to earn Pualani Platinum status. You will receive perks whenever you fly once you have attained elite status with Hawaiian

Pualani Gold Benefits

  • Two checked bags are free

  • Fly Hawaiian with cash and earn 50% more miles

  • Premier Club lounge access.

  • Priority boarding in Zone 2.

  • When available, access to priority TSA security lines

  • Book your preferred seats free of charge

  • Check-in includes a free selection of Extra Comfort Seats, if they are available.

  • 50% Discount on Upgrades to First Class on Flights to the Neighbor Islands

  • Variable discounts for upgrades to first class on North American flight.

  • Fly to neighboring islands and earn 500 HawaiianMiles

  • Fly same-day standby to nearby islands without paying a fee

Pualani Platinum benefits

  • Three checked bags free.

  • Get 100% more miles when your Hawaiian ticket is purchased with cash.

  • Get access to Premier Club airport lounges.

  • Get access to the Plumeria Lounge Honolulu, and selected international partner lounges.

  • Priority boarding in Zone 1.

  • Access to priority TSA security line lines where available.

  • Book with confidence!

  • Check-in includes a free selection of Extra Comfort Seats, if they are available.

  • Upgrades to first class for neighbor island flights are free

  • Get certificates to upgrade to first class on North American flights.

  • Get first-class, paid upgrades on North American flights at a deep discount.

  • Get 500 HawaiianMiles for neighbor island flights.

  • Fly same-day standby to nearby islands without paying a fee

How to obtain a status match with Hawaiian Airlines

You might be able use your elite status with another airline to gain Pualani elite status at Hawaiian on a trial basis. Which airlines? Which status levels are available? What is the trial period? Hawaiian doesn’t say. Asking Hawaiian Airlines is the only way to find out if they can match your status with Hawaiian Airlines. These are the steps you need to follow.

Learn more about how status matches work for other airlines

You need to understand your request before you ask Hawaiian for status matches.

Many airlines offer status matches on a temporary basis. This is a way for frequent flyers to get a taster of the airline’s offerings and to encourage them to switch loyalty. For example, Hawaiian might offer a match on a trial or short-term basis.

Collect your documents

When you request a status match, Hawaiian Airlines will require you to show proof that you are a member of another airline. These are the documents Hawaiian Airlines will most likely request to see:

  • Mileage statements show which flights you have completed in order to earn status with another airline.

  • Copy of your membership card from another airline showing the date you were granted elite status.

  • Your HawaiianMiles member number.

These and other documents may be required to prove your elite status at a competitor airline.

Send your request to Hawaiian Airlines

Requesting a Hawaiian status match is not possible via a form. Use the Make a Request form of the airline instead. Next, select HawaiianMiles under Topic. Choose Other under Subtopic.

In the Message section of the form, state that you are requesting a match with Pualani elite status. This is based on your status at another airline. Include the name of the airline and your status level. In this section, mention which documents you have uploaded as proof of your current status. Attach the documents to the contact form for Hawaiian.

An automated response should be sent to you letting you know that your request has been received. Also, it will tell when Hawaiian Airlines expects to respond (most likely within a few days).

Who should be considered for a Hawaiian Airlines status match

It may be worthwhile to request a status match if you are an elite member of another airline and plan on flying Hawaiian Airlines only a few times in the year. Hawaiian only has a few routes. They connect the Hawaiian islands to the U.S. mainland and to certain destinations in South Pacific and Asia.

It might be more beneficial to fly to the continent, Europe, Africa, or Asia often than to Hawaii. If you plan to travel mostly within Hawaii or to other destinations of Hawaiian Airlines, you will have more reasons to use Pualani status.

Hawaiian Airlines status match recap

Hawaiian Airlines does not advertise that it will match you with an elite status airline. Gather your documents and go to Hawaiian’s online customer service form. You might be able to get even more aloha from the sky.

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