• Low volume consumer complaints.

  • There are many discounts.

  • Not available for all states.

  • No mobile apps or online quotes.

Summary: Local agents are available in 20 states.

Homeowners of America sells homeowners insurance. However, it also offers landlord, condo, and renter policies in some states. In 2006, the company sold its first policy in Texas and has expanded to other states. Independent agents are available for Homeowners of America homeowner insurance.

How do we rate homeowners insurance providers

Star ratings are based upon consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, financial strength grades from AM Best, coverage and discounts available, and overall consumer experience. Check out our criteria for evaluating home insurers.

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State availability

Homeowners of America sells homeowner insurance policies in 20 US states.

Homeowners of America’s home insurance coverage

While you can personalize your homeowners insurance with many add-ons and options, the following are the most common types of coverage:

Types of coverage

What does it do

Repair or rebuild your home.

Covers damage caused by unattached structures like a shed or fence.

Repairs or replaces personal property such as clothing or furniture.

You can pay for meals at restaurants, hotel stays and other expenses while your home is being repaired.

Indemnity for legal expenses and damages in the event of injuries or damage to property or persons other than you.

Medical Payments

Injuries to your guests at home are covered regardless of fault.

Homeowners of America offers additional endorsements to your policy that may be available in addition to the standard coverage.

Equipment break down coverage Pays to replace or repair kitchen appliances, water heaters and air conditioners if they fail.

Personal property replacement cost coverage offers a greater payout for items that are lost or stolen. The insurer will cover enough to purchase new replacements for your items. You would not receive a payout for older items if you don’t have this coverage. They’ve lost their value over the years.

An increase in jewelry and watches Provides extra coverage for valuables that exceed the standard coverage limit.

Personal property coverage Pays up to $500 for food loss due to power outages.

If you have to temporarily move your pet from your home due to a covered loss, your pet coverage will pay for kenneling costs. If your pet is hurt or killed in an accident, such as a fire, or another covered disaster, it can pay for vet bills or burial expenses.

Coverage for underground utilities or wires serving your home Pays up to $10,000 in damages

If your home is totally destroyed by a covered event, mortgage extra expense coverage may help you pay your mortgage. This coverage will pay the application fees and any interest rate difference if you get a new mortgage to rebuild your home.

Coverage for backup of drains or sewers covers damage caused by water backing up into your home.

Higher replacement cost coverage If your coverage limit is too low, you can get more money to rebuild your house.

There are different coverage options available depending on the state. Deductibles may also be applicable. (A deductible is the amount that you subtract from your claim payout. )


Homeowners of America may offer discounts depending on where you live.

  • Moving to a new place.

  • A centrally monitored alarm system and other security features.

  • Living in a gated community.

  • Protect your home from the wind by taking steps.

  • A sprinkler or smoke alarm system.

  • Get a homeowners quote before you start the policy.

  • You can go a certain time without filing a claim.

  • Applying for a VA loan.

  • Smart-home technology.

  • A new or hail-resistant roof.

  • A recent home buyer.

  • Have another policy from the agency where your homeowners policy was purchased.

  • Buying new homes built by an approved builder.

Customer complaints

The expected number of complaints received by state regulators in America by homeowners was lower than what is expected for their home insurance industry, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Consumer experience

Website: Although you cannot get a quote through the Homeowners of America site, you can search for local agents, file claims and pay bills, as well as view policy information. You can also find basic information on the company’s homeowner policies on this website.

Customer service: Call 866-407-9896 or your local agent for assistance. Spanish-speaking agents are available. You can also email us at [email protected].

Homeowners of America stand out

How to save. Although discounts can vary from one state to the next, Homeowners Of America has many ways to lower your home insurance rate.

Customers can get Spanish-language customer service and a 24-hour claim line. The company has a low rate of complaints from customers, which suggests that most policyholders are satisfied with their coverage.

Homeowners of America fall short

Features. Homeowners of America won’t offer these services to homeowners who want to receive an online quote or manage their policies via a mobile app.

Accessibility. Although the company has grown rapidly in recent years, its homeowners policies remain unavailable nationwide.

Homeowners of America is the right home insurance for you.

If you are looking for an agent to help you determine your coverage, Homeowners of America may be the right choice. If you are looking for multiple insurance types, other than homeowners, Homeowners of America is not a good choice.

There are other home insurance companies you should consider

Are you not ready to make a final decision? These other companies offer homeowners insurance:

  • Hippo : Digital-first insurance with free smart-home technology for many states.

  • Nationwide For homeowners who want a wide range of coverage options.

  • USAA : Coverage for active service members, veterans and their families

Questions frequently asked

What are the other types of insurance that Homeowners of America offers?

Homeowners also sells flood, condo, landlord, and renters insurance.

How long have Homeowners of America been around?

Homeowners of America sold their first policy in May 2006.

Who are the Homeowners of America?

Porch Group Inc. purchased Homeowners of America 2021. Porch provides a range of services to homeowners including help with finding movers and home improvement contractors, as well as TV/internet packages.