Single rider lines are a great option if you’re traveling to Disney World alone or with friends who don’t enjoy the same types of rides. Solo riders can benefit from these lines because they reduce wait times and allow them to get more out their visit.

What are single rider lines? Which rides have them? And how can you skip the line at Disney World?

What is single rider line?

Single rider lines let guests wait in separate lines to board a ride with their own rider instead of being seated with a group. These lines allow guests to fill in the remaining seats and reduce wait times.

Single rider lines don’t require you to be solo. However, if you do have one, it’s likely that you won’t all be seated together. You may also board at different times. If this is not an issue, it may be possible to reduce your wait time.

This service is not available on many Disney World rides. Many rides don’t offer this service. You’ll need to wait in the queue like everyone else or pay an extra fee to get into Lightning Lane.

What rides at Disney World have single rider lines?

Which rides at Disney World have single rider lines? There are not many. Four attractions allow solo riders to queue separately as of the writing. Below you’ll find information about which attractions offer this option, as well as the locations of each. It will be obvious that there is no separate line at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for single riders.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Aerosmith Starring on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

  • Millennium Falcon: The Smugglers Run.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain.

Disney’s Epcot

  • Track.

Single rider lines, when they are available, may make it easier to board these rides quicker than a longer wait in general boarding.

What speed will you go on the ride? It depends. It all depends. Although it is a risky move, the wait will usually be shorter.

How to use single rider line at Disney World

You just need to show up at the attraction, and then get in the single rider queue. No special permission or pass is required. Once you are in line, you can make your way to front of attraction. If a staff member asks you to, you may fill an empty seat.

The single rider line at Disney World

The service is totally free. You don’t need to pay for a rider line to access the Lightning Lane, unlike other rides. This is a great deal for your wallet as a day at Disney World can be expensive considering the admission price and food and beverage costs.

Not all single rider lines are in operation at Disney World. They may not be open when you visit. If the service is available on the day you visit, don’t miss it.

There are other ways to skip the line at Disney

Are you looking to cut down on wait times at Disney World? These are just three ways to get on a ride quicker.

Get Lightning Lane entries by paying for Disney Genie+

The Disney Genie+ service allows guests to reserve Lightning Lane entry at selected attractions if they invest. This service can be purchased through the My Disney Experience mobile application starting at 7 a.m. the day before your visit. Prices for Disney Genie+ vary depending on the date.


Is there an unlimited fastpass to Disney World? Yes, but not always. There is no limit on how many Fastpasses can be booked through Genie+, but some will cost money and others are completely free.

Buy a la carte Lightning Lane entries

A la carte Lightning Lane entry can be purchased for certain attractions and experiences that are not available through the Genie+ program. You can do this through the My Disney Experience mobile application on the day you visit. Prices can vary depending on the attraction, date and park. This allows you to purchase one Lightning Lane entry per day, for a total cost of two.

These options are available at an additional expense. After spending so much on Disney vacations, it may not be possible for everyone to pay an extra fee to reduce wait times. Review your vacation budget before purchasing Lightning Lane ride access.

Book a Disney VIP Tour

A private Disney VIP tour is another way to get around the lines at Disney. This service is expensive, but it allows you to skip the lines while enjoying a customized tour with a guide. This unique experience can be shared with up to nine of your friends. You just need to tell your guide what you would like to do, and they will make it happen. Door-to-door transportation from your hotel to the parks is also available.

If you are looking to see as much magic in one day, it can be a huge win not to wait in long lines. The service cannot be booked in advance and does not include admission to the park. Prices range between $450 and $900 an hour. Tours must be booked for at least seven hours. Your Disney experience may be more memorable than the average guest if you have the budget.


When you have so many things to do, it can be difficult to see all of Disney World. Single rider lines are great for those who travel alone, enjoy a ride with friends, or want to share the wait time.

Featured photo courtesy Walt Disney World Resort.

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