Sickness is the worst thing that can happen to your joy of traveling. No matter if you have Montezuma’s curse or just a bad case of the sniffles; illness on the road can be devastating. What should you do if you become ill while on vacation? Let’s take a look at what it is like to become sick while on vacation and the steps you can take in order to avoid it.

What to Do if You Get Sick While Traveling Overseas

Get in touch with your insurance company

Even if you have insurance at home, you might not be covered if you travel. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will have to pay for treatment out of pocket.

You can get medical coverage while on vacation with travel insurance. You have many options for travel insurance, with different deductibles and coverage limits. Before you buy one, make sure to compare your options.

Contact your insurance provider first if you need to visit a medical facility.

Check your credit cards

You may be eligible for complimentary insurance through your credit card, depending on how you booked your travel. Numerous travel credit cards provide coverage for medical emergencies as well as emergency evacuations and quarantine.

For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), card will cover up to $2,500 for health care and a $50 deductible for trips paid for with the card. If a doctor determines that you need to stay in a hotel, the card will pay $75 per night for five days.

Visit the doctor

Do you feel sick enough to need to be seen by someone? You don’t have to worry, most places can accommodate you. Even if you don’t have travel insurance, this is true. Some locations, like Italy, offer free emergency medical care.

You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket in some cases, but expenses you don’t find in the U.S. are unlikely to be comparable. For example, in Crete, a nighttime visit with a doctor or nurse will set you back 200 euros (or roughly $195).

Depending on your illness, this could be your first or final step. You shouldn’t rush your recovery, especially if you have limited vacation time.

Give your body time to absorb any medication you have been given, and allow your body to heal before embarking on another tour.

How to avoid getting sick while on vacation

Do you want to avoid getting sick? These tips will help you stay healthy for your trip.

Take your medication

Prescription medication: Make sure you have enough for your entire trip. You don’t want your body to be out of balance.

You should also bring any prescriptions you may need such as painkillers, antidiarrheal medications and motion sickness medication. This can help you save money on a trip to the doctor or pharmacy if you get sick while you’re traveling.

Avoid dangerous food

This applies everywhere, but it is especially important in areas where the food is different or there are no hygiene standards. If you are unsure about a restaurant’s quality, do your research.

Keep clean

The past few years have shown us that hygiene is essential. Keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face while you are out and about. Hand sanitizer is a good option if you don’t have access to soap or water.

Do not overstress

While it’s normal to want to maximize your vacation time, don’t let yourself get too busy. Although five 11-hour tours may be a great way to see many things, the late returns and early wake-ups can cause damage to your immune system. You should also consider the time you need to rest.

Traveling sickness, recapped

It’s not something we like to be sick. But it is worse to get sick while on vacation. To avoid getting sick, follow these tips: Keep your hygiene up, take over-the-counter medication, avoid dangerous foods and allow yourself to recover.

Do not worry if you get sick while on vacation. You will need to check with your travel insurance provider to ensure that you receive in-network medical care. You can also get complimentary insurance with some travel credit cards, but you should verify your coverage before you leave on your trip.

If you get sick while on vacation, don’t rush to recover. Keep warm, take your medication and stay in bed until you feel better before going on to more adventures.

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