You might also want to visit Universal Studios Florida if you are going to Walt Disney World. The question is: How do you get from Disney to Universal?

These amusement complexes compete so it’s not easy to travel the 8 miles between them. This shouldn’t stop you.

These are the options for getting from Disney World to Universal Studios, or from Universal Studios to Disney World.

Hotel shuttle service

Many hotels in Orlando/Kissimmee offer shuttles for free to Disney World parks. Many offer shuttles to Universal. You can take a shuttle bus from Disney to Universal.

You can get to both parks from your hotel if you choose a hotel that offers shuttle service. The Staybridge Suites Orlando Royale Parc Suites, for example, offers free shuttle service to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as Universal Studios. Reservations must be made at least two hours ahead.

Contrary to what you might read online, Mears is not the best private shuttle service in the region. It only offers shuttle transportation between hotels and airports. Taxi service is offered by the company. You can read more about that below.

Rental car

Driving between parks is the best way to get around if you rent a car.

Universal Studios charges $27 per day for self-parking, while prime parking costs between $40 and $60 per hour depending on the season. Similar rates are charged at Disney parks: $25 per day standard self-parking, $45 to $50 per per day preferred parking.

It doesn’t make financial sense to rent a car to drive from Disney to Universal if you haven’t booked one. The car-rental cost and time it takes to return the car are too high.

Most guests will find that a rideshare such as Lyft and Uber are the best way to travel from Disney to Universal. It also provides the easiest route to Universal from Disney.

Prices will vary depending upon where you are departing from. You can expect to pay around $22 to get from Disney’s Art of Animation Resort or Universal depending on the year and time of the year. Uber and Lyft are affordable ways to avoid crowded shuttle buses that make many stops.

The local LYNX network offers transportation between Disney and Universal. Buses are, however, the most dangerous way to travel from Disney to Universal.

Both the theme parks are served by different bus lines. This means that you would need to transfer buses and take around two hours to travel 8 miles.

You can book a taxi in advance if you don’t know where there are cabs available.

A ride from Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Florida to Universal costs $36.50. This is higher than the $22 average Uber fare. However, a taxi can be cheaper than a rideshare at peak times.

To visit Universal or Disney World,

Consider your budget and the time you need to travel to Disney World from Universal Studios.

It takes only $25 to park your car in one of the parks. You can get free shuttle service between the parks by booking a hotel with this perk.

For most travelers, however, a rideshare is the best and most cost-effective option.

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