Since the pandemic, Airbnbs have seen increased competition. According to AirDNA, September’s total demand for short-term rentals was 26.6% higher than the same period in 2019. For some guests, booking Airbnb is more than paying the rental fee and maintaining a high rating with hosts.

Airbnb reviews work in the same way as Uber and other peer to-peer rental platforms. Airbnb guests review hosts and properties to help future guests. Guests also review hosts to help future guests. Guests review hosts to help future guests.

A poor or inexistent rating can make it difficult to book stays, especially during peak travel dates. Hosts can be picky about who they accept.

Patrick Moltrup, an Airbnb host from California’s Coachella Valley, says that if someone doesn’t have reviews, it’s a red flag. Because guests who receive negative reviews tend to close their accounts and create new ones, he says that brand-new accounts without ratings can be a problem.

We require a review to book you.

Moltrup says that despite recent horror stories of hosts requiring guests to perform difficult tasks at checkout and hosts becoming frustrated with guests who are disruptive, maintaining a high guest rating is not hard. It is possible to make a rental successful or cancel the booking.

How do you find your Airbnb reviews

The reviews that you get from hosts are just like the property reviews, and include a written review as well as a numerical rating on a 5-star scale.

It can be difficult to find your reviews because Airbnb hides them in the account menu. Navigate to the “Account” page on the app or website and then click “Go to Profile” at the top.

You’ll also find written reviews left by previous hosts. You can see your Airbnb rating. No. The numeric rating is not visible to guests. Only hosts can see it when they try to book a room.

Your guest rating will not be visible if you don’t know someone who would like to share your rating.

How to maintain an excellent rating

Guests don’t have much to do, unlike hosts who will go to great lengths for their good ratings.

Scott Lieberman, an ex-host and frequent guest at Airbnb, stated by email that you will almost always receive a positive review if you respect the house and follow the rules.

The rules for each rental are detailed in the booking details. Sometimes, hosts leave hard copies of these rules in the rental. These rules include smoking prohibitions and loud music. They also provide instructions for checkout, which could be as simple as locking your door and running the dishwasher when you are done.

Accidents do happen. Broken plates. Walls get crayoned. These issues are often overlooked by hosts, so they encourage guests to quickly communicate any concerns with them.

Moltrup says that if you break something, it’s okay. Just tell us. This suggests that guests’ ratings can be affected if they fail to communicate clearly and consistently. We are asked to leave reviews and ask: “Did they communicate well span>”

Hosts conclude that respect is the most important thing. There is a huge difference between an accident or a clear breach in considerate behavior. Moltrup said that he almost always leaves positive reviews unless the guest gives him no choice.

He said that a man used to melt chocolate on the stove, then throw it on his driveway.

What to Do if You Get a Bad Review as a Guest

Sometimes communication can go south, there are misunderstandings, or the host has a bad day, leaving a negative review. These situations can impact your rating and ability to book bookings for many years.

These are the steps to follow if you have a negative Airbnb review.

  • You can respond to the review and explain what you experienced. This will help future hosts to see the bigger picture. This might encourage the original host or reviewer to update or modify their review. A calm tone that builds bridges can be a great way to go.

  • Communicate with the host to clarify any misunderstandings.

  • You can contest the review. Airbnb has clear guidelines about what can be disputed. This includes reviews that are biased or otherwise irrelevant.

Even though one negative review may not make a big impact, it might be countered by several positive reviews. Many hosts examine the details of negative reviews to determine how serious they are, much like Amazon shoppers.

Moltrup states that she read reviews to find out what the problems were. “If they bring more people to a property that isn’t good for them, it’s not good. We will not tolerate people who cause damage or don’t communicate.

The bottom line

Airbnb hosts’ reviews can feel like a huge deal because they are so personal. They can also affect your ability to book future travels, especially during peak travel times. Maintaining a high rating is as easy as respecting the property, and communicating well with the host.

Airbnb hosts are more accommodating than rideshare drivers who can sometimes leave negative reviews for passengers who blow their noses.

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, said that you shouldn’t be required to perform unreasonable checkout tasks like vacuuming, washing the sheets, or doing laundry.

Maximizing your Rewards

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