The top-tier elite hotel status offers premium benefits and unmatched earning potential to reward loyal travelers. Diamond Elite is the highest level of elite status within IHG Rewards. IHG Diamond Status is based upon the points members earn, their nightly stay or spending on credit cards each year. IHG Diamond Elite Status provides 100% on […]

The top-tier elite hotel status offers premium benefits and unmatched earning potential to reward loyal travelers. Diamond Elite is the highest level of elite status within IHG Rewards.

IHG Diamond Status is based upon the points members earn, their nightly stay or spending on credit cards each year. IHG Diamond Elite Status provides 100% on all paid stays plus free breakfast and dedicated phone support, among other benefits.

Let’s examine the advantages, the way to achieve elite status, and what it is worth.

IHG Diamond Elite benefits

You’ll get many benefits when you reach IHG Diamond Elite Status, including the ability to save money, earn points and improve your stay. IHG Diamond Elite benefits include:

  • 100% bonus points. At most IHG hotels, all members receive ten points as a base. Diamond Elite members receive an additional 100% for up to 20 points on every dollar spent at IHG hotels.

  • Upgrades are complimentary. Upgrade to a better room for free. The availability of upgrades is subject to change, and you might not get one if there are no more rooms available.

  • Check-in with a welcome amenity. Check-in at IHG participating hotels or resorts to receive a complimentary gift. This may be bonus points, free drinks, snacks, or bottled waters.

  • Breakfast is free. Diamond Elite members are entitled to a free daily breakfast per person for themselves and one other guest as a welcome gift. Free breakfast is offered at select and full service brands like InterContinental Hotel Indigo Holiday Inn Kimpton and Holiday Inn.

  • Hertz Gold plus Rewards elite status. You can receive IHG Diamond Elite Status and upgrade to the Five Star Rental Car Elite Status.

  • Check-in early and check-out late. Diamond Elite members can check in early to the room and enjoy a late checkout of 2 pm.

  • Guaranteed Room Availability. Diamond Elite members can still book a hotel room even if it is fully booked. They just need to contact customer service 72 hours before arrival. The benefit only applies to paid nights and not award stays.

How do I become a Diamond Elite Member of IHG?

You must complete 70 nights of qualifying stays or accumulate 120,000 points to earn IHG Diamond Elite Status. There are several ways to become a top-tier IHG One Reward member. Here’s how to earn this elite status:

Stays at IHG Properties for Free

You can earn 10 base points for every dollar spent on an IHG room. This will help you achieve elite status. Each eligible night is credited with an elite night.

Free Night Stays at IHG Properties

You can also earn elite status by booking award nights with your Points, Points and Cash, or certificates for free nights.

Earn Diamond Status with IHG Credit Card

If you spend $40,000 or more in one calendar year, your status will be upgraded until the end of next year.

Purchase IHG Bonus Points packages

Your hotel might offer Bonus Points packages during the booking process. These provide you with additional points for your reservation.

The packages offer 1,000-5,000 points bonus per night and count towards earning or maintaining elite status.

IHG Business Rewards

IHG Business Rewards offers 3x the points for every dollar spent on accommodations, events and meetings. Nearly 6,000 hotels around the world offer elite points and points for future vacations.

Earn points by participating in partner activities

IHG One Reward members can earn points by participating in certain activities. IHG Diamond Elite Status is earned when you accumulate points for Hertz car rental, OpenTable bookings, Grubhub purchases and Viator experience.

What is the value of IHG Elite Status?

You need to know the benefits of elite status in order to determine whether IHG Diamond will be worth the money. After a thorough analysis of IHG’s elite status levels, we determined that IHG Diamond Elite Status is worth $3 807.

Our research also shows that the average traveler will spend a bit over $10,000 to achieve Diamond Elite Status.

Value of benefits

Cost to earn

Elite earning rate

The value that you receive will vary depending on how often and where you travel. The more IHG stays you book and the more benefits you use, the greater the value.

Compare IHG Diamond Elite to its competitors

IHG Diamond Elite is the most valuable ultra-level elite hotel status according to our hotel loyalty program comparison. Earning IHG Diamond Status is a great investment for travelers who want to get the most out of their benefits and rewards.

More information about IHG Diamond Elite

Take advantage of the promotions

IHG offers special promos throughout the year that allow you to accumulate bonus points for your stays. Sign up for the promotions even if your travel plans are not immediate. Earning bonus points can help you to book your award tickets faster. You may also qualify for Diamond Elite status faster.

Get Milestone Rewards for your Stays

Milestone rewards will be added to your IHG Diamond Status. You can choose your reward starting with the 20th IHG night. This will continue for up to 100 IHG nights.

Rewards include food and drink rewards, suite upgrades confirmed, bonus points and an annual membership in the lounge.

Request a match

IHG will occasionally match the status of members in other loyalty programs. You will receive the elite status based on your status with another hotel. This is a quick way for travelers who have top-level status to achieve IHG Diamond Status without having to spend a lot.

For how long is the IHG Diamond Elite Status valid?

IHG’s elite status ends on the 31st December of every year. If you achieve IHG Diamond Elite status in a year, it will be valid for all the remaining months of that year and the entire following year.

IHG doesn’t offer lifetime diamond status

IHG One Reward members cannot earn elite status for life. You can maintain your status by earning it through your stays that qualify, your credit card rewards, your IHG card spending or an ambassador membership.

IHG Diamond Elite Status and credit card

If you own an IHG card, your elite status is automatically determined by the card that you hold.

Cardholders with the IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card and the IHG Rewards Premier Business Credit Card automatically receive IHG Platinum Status. You can achieve IHG Diamond Elite Status by spending at least $40,000 on one of these cards within a year.

The IHG Diamond Elite Phone Number HTML0

Diamond Elite members have a special phone number that they can use to contact IHG. This allows them to avoid waiting times, which other members might experience. Call the Diamond Support Line at 844-774-7300 if you need to make a hotel reservation or have any other questions.

If you wish to achieve IHG Diamond Elite Status

It makes sense for people who are frequent travelers and stay in IHG hotels to achieve IHG Diamond Elite Status. To achieve top IHG status, you must earn 120,000 points each year or stay 70 nights.

Spending $40,000 with either IHG Premier card will also earn you IHG Diamond Status. According to our research, IHG’s top elite benefits provide the most value for travel dollar.

Maximize your Rewards

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