Where will you be sitting on your plane when you arrive? JetBlue allows you to select your seat based on the fare and status that you have purchased. This guide will help you choose the right seats on your JetBlue Airways flight. You’ll also learn about any applicable fees and how the seat charts are […]

Where will you be sitting on your plane when you arrive? JetBlue allows you to select your seat based on the fare and status that you have purchased.

This guide will help you choose the right seats on your JetBlue Airways flight. You’ll also learn about any applicable fees and how the seat charts are laid out.

What JetBlue Seat Selection is

JetBlue offers a wide range of seats on its planes, such as economy, Mint and Even More Space.

How much does JetBlue charge for seat selection? It depends on the fare you choose and flight.

Blue Basic customers pay an extra fee for selecting seats over 24 hours before the flight, but everyone else is free to choose seats. The upgrade to Even More Space varies depending on which flight you are taking and the seat that you select.

JetBlue seat selection fee

NerdWallet conducted a study of the fees charged by domestic U.S. airlines. JetBlue charges an average of $4 for seat selection per passenger, which is one of the lowest fees.

The fees you pay will depend on the flight class, seat and fare selected. Blue Basic is the only fare that does not allow you to select any seat in economy without extra charges.

Seating rules and ticket types

JetBlue has five fares classes that are designed to fit the needs of passengers and their budgets. Before purchasing a ticket, passengers should be informed of the benefits and limitations associated with each fare class.

Basic Economy

JetBlue’s Blue Basic tickets are its basic economy tickets. JetBlue can offer cheaper fares because these tickets are subject to many restrictions. Blue Basic tickets are not allowed to carry on bags and there’s a charge for bag checking.

JetBlue charges a fee for seat selection if you want to select your seat in excess of 24 hours. A fee between $100 and $200 is charged for cancellations or changes. These fares earn only 1x TrueBlue Base Points compared to 3x for all other fares.


JetBlue’s standard economy tickets, Core Tickets, are available on all flights. These seats are available to passengers who purchase Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Extra tickets. They can choose them at the time of booking, during check-in, or before departure.

Each fare class offers different benefits, but they all include a free carry-on and no cancellation or change fees. The flight will also give you 3x the points. The Blue Extra ticket offers the best benefits. These include no charges for standby or same-day changes, priority access to security at airports, and early boarding.

More Space

Seats with Even More Space offer up to 7″ of additional legroom and early boarding, among other advantages. Blue Basic fares don’t include advanced seat selection. However, passengers who upgrade to the Even More Space fares can select a seat for an additional fee.


JetBlue’s premium seats are called Mint Fares. The seats are fully flat, adjustable and have a massage function. Mint Class seats come in three different types:

  • Mint Suites

  • Mint Studios.

Mint’s passengers can enjoy high-end cuisine, a wine list of artisan wines, and Wanderful Wellness Kits, Tuft & Needle Sleep kits, among other things.

JetBlue seats for elite members

Mosaic is the name given to elite members in JetBlue’s TrueBlue program. Mosaic status is based on the number of “tiles” that a traveler earns.

If seats are still available, Mosaic Members can upgrade to Even More Space Seats at no additional cost. Members of Level 1 can upgrade at check-in. Level 2 members and above get Even More Space Seats during the booking process.

If you are able to reach Mosaic 3 you will receive four certificate to upgrade to Mint Seating, depending on the availability. You receive two additional certificates at Mosaic 4.

JetBlue and American Airlines have partnered to provide reciprocal benefits to elite members. If available, AAdvantage Gold and higher members receive Even More Space complimentary seats when checking in.

JetBlue plane seating chart

There are nine types of aircraft used by JetBlue, each with a unique layout. JetBlue’s seat options vary depending on the plane flying your flight. You can check the flight schedule and seating arrangement before booking.

Jetblue.com allows you to select your travel dates, the number of passengers and departure/arrival cities. You’ll see a wide range of options on the results page.

Select “Seats”, to view which JetBlue plane is currently flying, and the JetBlue seating options available.

You can view JetBlue’s seat map while booking. You’ll be asked to choose your flight after selecting the flight.

How to choose seats in JetBlue

JetBlue offers you the opportunity to select your seats during the checkout process. You can select your seat later, either online or through the JetBlue app.

Blue Basic fare holders must pay an additional fee if they choose a seat 24 hours or more before departure. Prices vary depending on the flight you choose and where your seat is located.

All passengers are entitled to “core” seats, which are free of charge.

Mint-class passengers have exclusive access to the premium front seats of the aircraft. Select your seat at checkout or any time prior to the flight.

JetBlue seat selection rules recapped

JetBlue’s seat-selection rules are different depending on the fare you purchase. Blue Basic passengers are the only ones who can select their seat at any point between booking and check-in.

Blue Basic customers can choose their seat for free up to 24 hours before departure or pay a fee to do so in advance. JetBlue offers three types of seats: economy, even more space and mint premium.

All economy seats are available for every passenger. If you want to spend more, there are Mint or Even More Space seats available for an additional fee.

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