Many believe that change is the only constant in human life. Five new cards are at the top of NerdWallet’s list of Best Credit Cards for 2023. Disloyalty can help you maximize your credit card rewards. Now is the time to evaluate your spending habits and see if any of these new titles should be in your wallet.

Our five new winners cards offer more rewards and earning potential, as well as longer introductory rates of 0% for a greater amount of time. We are proud to present our new champions.

New Winner: Cap One SavorOne Student Rewards Credit Card HTML3_

Category – Best Credit Card for College Students

It dethroned the card: Explore it(r). Student chrome

Why? Because Discover it(r), Student Chrome is a great tool for building credit. It also offers 2% cashback at gas stations. The maximum quarterly spending can be $1,000. All other items earn an unlimited 1% return.

The Capital One SavorOne Student cash rewards credit card offers better rewards to those who are eligible. Cardholders must have some credit but will still be able to earn huge rewards, including uncapped 3% cashback on purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, streaming services, and entertainment. Cardholders will be able to earn 10% cashback on Uber Eats and Uber Ubers through November 14, 2024.

Students who have been approved for the Capital One SavorOne Student Credit Card will be eligible for the following signup bonus: Get $50 off your first three months of spending $100.

The Capital One SavorOne Student Rewards Credit Card is the best choice for students who are looking to earn credit card rewards.

New Winner: Chase Sapphire Preferred(r) Card

Category: Best all-purpose travel rewards credit card

It dethroned the card: Capital One Capital Rewards Credit Card

Why: This credit card was the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card for three years. The card’s simple earning structure of 2x miles for every $1 spent on purchases, and the growing number of travel partners that can transfer your miles, is still something to love. It’s easy, but not thrilling.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred(r), Card offers more value to most travelers. You get 3x points for every $1 spent on dining, online grocery shopping, and selected streaming services. Chase also offers 5x points when you book travel through Chase (1x for all other purchases). You also get a $50 credit towards your Chase stays each year, as well as an anniversary bonus. You can redeem your Chase points for travel at 1.25 cents per, as opposed to 1 cent with the Capital One Venture rewards Credit Card. Chase offers travel partners that include brands such as Hyatt, United, and Southwest. These are more accessible than the international partners of Capital One.

New Winner: Cap One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit card

Category – Best entertainment credit card

It dethroned the card: CapitalOne Savor Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Why? The replacement of Capital One Savor Cash Reward Credit Card with its $95-annual fees and the Capital One SavorOne cash rewards credit card with a $0 annual fee Capital One SavorOne cash rewards credit card is based on consumer spending trends. While both cards offer the same bonuses, one card offers more rewards for paying an annual fee. To break even on the annual fee, you would need to spend over $9,500 per year on entertainment, dining out, and streaming services. The Capital One Savor Cash rewards Credit Card is an excellent choice if you spend more than $9,000. However, many consumers spend less.

A study done by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that the average household spent $6,600 per year on entertainment and dining out in 2021. Inflation means that many households have less disposable income and are less likely to spend on entertainment and dining out. We believe the Capital One SavorOne Rewards Credit Card is the best choice for most people.

New Winner: BankAmericard(r), credit card

Category Best Balance Transfer Credit Card

It dethroned the card: Wells Fargo’s Reflect(r) Card

BankAmericard(r), the bank card that offers balance transfers, is now the winner. It has a long 0% APR period: 0% intro rate on purchases for 21 billing cycle and 0% intro rate on balance transfers for 21 billing cycle for all balance transfers made within the first 60 day. After that, the APR will be 16.24%-26.24% Variable. For balance transfers, the Wells Fargo Reflect(r), Card is an excellent option. However, the 0% intro rate period is shorter (but can be extended for a few more months).

Transferring high-interest debt to a card that has a lower interest rate can help you save a lot. Although these cards don’t offer a sign up bonus or reward, they can help reduce the financial burden of accrued interest when you try to pay off a balance.


We have previously combined cards that offer 0% interest on new purchases with balance transfer cards in one category of the Best-of Awards. To make it easier for people to choose the right cards, we have split this category into two.

New Winner: Bank of America (r) Customized cash Rewards credit card

Category: The best 0% APR credit card purchases

It dethroned the card: Wells Fargo’s Reflect(r) Card

If you are looking for some interest-free financing on new purchases, the Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit cards is our top choice. You get a 0% intro rate on purchases for 18 billing cycle, and 0% on balance transfers for 18 billing cycle for any balance transfers that were made within the first 60 day. After that, you will be charged an ongoing APR of 18.24%-28.54% Variable. It also has a sign-up bonus, and you can earn cash-back rewards. These are perks that you won’t find with every card. You’ll earn 3% back on purchases in the category of your choice on up to $2,500 in spend per quarter, including gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores or home improvement/furnishings.

Are you remodeling your kitchen? With the Bank of America(r) Customized Cash Rewards credit card, you’ll not only get a 3% discount for selecting “home improvement/furnishings” as your quarterly category (up to the $2,500 spending cap), but you can also finance the purchase for 18 months without accruing interest. After you spend at least $1,000 within the first 90 days, new cardholders are eligible for $200 online cash rewards bonus.