Through its partnership with AARP, The Hartford offers policies for older homeowners. Since the 1980s, the company has provided home insurance for AARP members. To purchase insurance from The Hartford, however, you do not need to be a member of AARP. You can also get coverage through independent agents if you are not a member. […]

Through its partnership with AARP, The Hartford offers policies for older homeowners. Since the 1980s, the company has provided home insurance for AARP members.

To purchase insurance from The Hartford, however, you do not need to be a member of AARP. You can also get coverage through independent agents if you are not a member.

The Hartford, one of the most revered brands in the insurance industry, dates back to 1810.

How do we rate homeowners insurance providers

Star ratings are based upon consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, financial strength grades from AM Best, coverage and discounts available, and overall consumer experience. Check out our criteria for evaluating home insurers.

Why NerdWallet is a trusted source of information

The Hartford/AARP star rating


NerdWallet rating

Overall performance, the Hartford/AARP homeowners’ insurance received 3.5 stars. NerdWallet’s rating are determined by NerdWallet’s editorial team. The formula for scoring homeowners insurance includes policy coverage options, discounts, filing claims easily, website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

State availability

The Hartford provides homeowners insurance to AARP members in Washington, D.C., as well as every other state except Florida. Non-members in most states can obtain Hartford home insurance through independent agents.

Home insurance coverage by The Hartford/AARP

While you can personalize your homeowners insurance with many add-ons and options, the following are the most common types of coverage:

Types of coverage

What does it do

Repair or rebuild your home.

Covers damage caused by unattached structures like a shed or fence.

Repairs or replaces personal property such as clothing or furniture.

You can pay for meals at restaurants, hotel stays and other expenses while your home is being repaired.

Indemnity for legal expenses and damages in the event of injuries or damage to property or persons other than you.

Medical Payments

Injuries to your guests at home are covered regardless of fault.

The Hartford offers both standard and customized home insurance. You may also have the option to add coverage such as:

  • Additional Limits. If you have to rebuild your entire home, it will pay up to 125% (or 150% in certain areas).

  • ProtectorPlus Zero Deductible benefit. Waives your deductible (the amount you are responsible for in a claim) up to $5,000 when you file a claim over $27,500.

  • Protection. Pays for the replacement of your possessions with new ones, regardless of their age or condition. (Often called contents replacement cost coverage).

  • Replacement of locks. Up to $500 (minus your deductable) to replace locks that have been lost or stolen.

  • Personal Injury Liability Coverage. Pays for damages resulting from a libel/slander claim.

  • Insurance that covers identity fraud. Covers out-of pocket expenses to help you recover from fraud or identity theft. Find out more about identity theft insurance.

  • Disappearing property deductible. Lowers your deductible once you have been completely insured for three years.

  • Rebuilding. This increases your policy limits up to 10% to cover environmentally-friendly materials and methods for repairing your home after a claim.

  • Equipment failure coverage. Pay for repairs or replacements of electronics and appliances if they fail due to an event other than normal wear and tear.

  • Warranty Plus Patented Coverage. Pays to make your bathroom or kitchen safer after a covered claim.

  • Sump pump overflow and water backup. Reimburse you for any water damage or backup drain.

  • Scheduled personal items. Provides additional coverage for specific items that aren’t covered by standard policies, such as a costly ring.

  • Covers valuable items. Increases the payout limit for jewelry and silverware that are stolen, lost, or damaged up to $10,000.

  • Coverage or law coverage. Pays for your home to be up-to-date with the most recent building codes.


It may be possible to receive a discount depending on where you live.

  • Bundling homeowners and auto policies.

  • Home security features.

  • Installation of fire protection devices such as sprinkler systems and monitored fire alarms.

  • Owning your own home or building a new house.

  • Good credit.

  • Not having filed any homeowners claims.

  • Less than 24 hours per week.

  • Living in a gated community.

  • No mortgage on your house.

  • Being a member of AARP.

  • Take steps to protect your home from wind damage.

  • A recent homebuyer.

Customer complaints

According to three years of data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Hartford received far more complaints than expected to state regulators for its home insurance.

Consumer experience

Website: The Hartford website provides coverage information, online quotations and a portal that allows you to pay your bills and manage the policy. Online accounts can be used to file claims and keep track of them.

App: The Hartford’s mobile app features, including bill payments and claim tracking, are very similar to those on the website. Android users report bugs that make it difficult to use the app. iPhone users have reported a slightly better user experience.

Claims: The Hartford’s website allows you to report a homeowners insurance case. You can also call 877-805-9118 AARP members, and 800-243-5860 non-AARP policyholders, if you prefer to speak with someone. See how to file a claim for home insurance.

Customer support: For assistance, homeowners policyholders of AARP can call 800-423-0567 Monday through Saturday. Non-AARP members may contact their local agent, or call 800-624-5578, Monday to Saturday.

Where the Hartford/AARP stands out

Senior homeowners can take advantage of special perks. The Hartford offers discounts for retirees and members of the AARP. Its “Replacement Plus” coverage may make it easier to move around the bathroom or kitchen after a covered claim.

Many coverage options. You have the option to modify your policy to include the ability to waive your large-claims deductible.

Where The Hartford/AARP falls down

Customer complaints. Hartford’s greatest weakness is its high volume customer complaints.

The Hartford’s Android application is buggy. User ratings and reviews suggest that it may not be the best way to manage your policy. However, the iOS app performs better.

Home insurance from The Hartford/AARP is right for you?

The homeowners insurance offered by AARP is well worth looking into if you are an AARP member, or are considering becoming one. You don’t have to be a member of AARP to receive The Hartford’s insurance. To inquire about your options, you can call one of its independent agents.

There are other home insurance companies you should consider

Are you not ready to make a final decision? These other companies offer homeowners insurance:

  • Farmers : Provides three levels of homeowners insurance coverage.

  • Nationwide : Widely-available policies with a wide range of coverage options.

  • Safeco Solid homeowners insurance with customizable options.

Questions frequently asked

What are other types of insurance does The Hartford offer you?

The Hartford, through its partnership agreement with AARP, sells homeowners insurance as well as policies for renters, condos, and umbrella. The Hartford also offers a variety of business insurance. NerdWallet has a Hartford insurance review.

Does AARP insure mobile homes?

AARP and Foremost partner to insure mobile homes and manufactured homes. Find out more about mobile home insurance.

Is The Hartford and AARP one in the same?

No. No. Through independent agents, The Hartford sells policies to nonmembers of AARP.