Many insurance products are available. AAA membership offers travel discounts and roadside assistance. You may need to pay a membership fee There are some AAA-branded insurance companies that offer stronger products than others. You may need to change insurers if your state changes. The bottom line: AAA Home Insurance is something you should consider if […]

  • Many insurance products are available.

  • AAA membership offers travel discounts and roadside assistance.

  • You may need to pay a membership fee

  • There are some AAA-branded insurance companies that offer stronger products than others.

  • You may need to change insurers if your state changes.

The bottom line: AAA Home Insurance is something you should consider if your are a member or interested in becoming one.

AAA was founded in 1902. It is made up of more than 30 regional motor clubs across the U.S. A homeowner in Los Angeles would have a policy through Automobile Club of Southern California. In Tennessee, the Auto Club Group would insure them. Each provider offers different coverage options and discounts.

Although it can seem confusing, you can visit the AAA website to enter your zip code and be directed to the site of your local club. You can find out more about your insurance options, and in some cases get an online quote.

AAA members may be required to purchase homeowners insurance. You should consider the membership fee when comparing prices with other companies.

How do we rate homeowners insurance providers

Star ratings are based upon consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, financial strength grades from AM Best, coverage and discounts available, and overall consumer experience. Check out our criteria for evaluating home insurers.

Why NerdWallet is a trusted source of information

Home insurance star ratings and availability

We have rated each AAA club separately because they offer different insurance providers. Below are NerdWallet star ratings for three large AAA-branded insurance providers.

NerdWallet star rating

States available*

Auto Club Group


NerdWallet rating

FL**, GA, IL, IA, MI, MN, NC, SC, TN, WI.

Auto Club of SoCal


NerdWallet rating



NerdWallet rating


*Companies might not be available to all counties in a state.

In Florida, homeowners insurance must be purchased in combination with auto insurance.

Our editorial team determines NerdWallet’s ratings. The formula for scoring homeowners insurance takes into consideration policy coverage options and discounts as well as ease of filing a claim. It also considers website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Home insurance coverage

While you can personalize your homeowners insurance with many add-ons and options, the following are the most common types of coverage:

Types of coverage

What does it do

Repair or rebuild your home.

Covers damage caused by unattached structures like a shed or fence.

Repairs or replaces personal property such as clothing or furniture.

You can pay for meals at restaurants, hotel stays and other expenses while your home is being repaired.

Indemnity for legal expenses and damages in the event of injuries or damage to property or persons other than you.

Medical Payments

Injuries to your guests at home are covered regardless of fault.

It is possible to expect that your homeowners policy will provide the basic coverage mentioned above regardless of what AAA insurer it may be. You will have different options depending on where you live.

Here are some coverage options that you might be able add:

Personal injuries. Covers legal expenses and damages in the event of a lawsuit for slander or any other personal injury.

Additional coverage for valuable items. Offers additional coverage for expensive jewelry and other items.

Equipment failure. Household systems and appliances covered if they have a mechanical problem.

Guaranteed or extended replacement cost coverage for your home. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage pays for the entire restoration of your home. Extended replacement coverage increases your dwelling limit by a specific percentage.

Sustainable building. Uses eco-friendly and/or efficient materials to repair or replace damaged items with more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Insurance that covers identity fraud. Learn more about identity theft insurance. )

Law or ordinance. Allows you to bring your home in line with current building codes.

Personal property insurance that covers replacement costs. The company will check the value of your belongings at the time they were stolen or destroyed. This might not be sufficient to purchase new replacements. The replacement cost coverage covers the full amount to replace your items.

Service. Pays to repair underground utility lines that connect your home and the street.

Water backup. Covers damage to sump pumps or drains.

Housesharing. Covers damage to your home when you rent it out to others.

You can reduce your deductible. This is done for every year that you do not file a claim.


Discounts can also differ between AAA-branded insurances. Your homeowners policy may allow you to save money by:

  • Sign up for autopay.

  • Combining multiple policies.

  • No recent insurance claims on your records.

  • Living in a gated community.

  • Installing a new roof.

  • Home insurance for newly constructed or renovated homes.

  • You pay your premium upfront.

  • Protect your home with burglar alarms.

  • A non-smoker.

  • Take steps to protect your home from wind damage.

Customer complaints

We use the number of complaints received by state regulators from each insurance company to measure consumer satisfaction. This number can vary greatly from one AAA-branded insurance company to the next.

This is the list of complaints that AAA’s largest providers have received over a period of three years:

No complaints

Auto Club Group

Less than you would expect for a company this size.

Auto Club of SoCal

A lot more than you would expect for a company this size.

A lot more than you would expect for a company this size.

The Complaint Ratios are based upon three years of data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Consumer experience

Website: Each AAA motor club maintains its own website. Many websites provide detailed information about your insurance options, as well as features such online bill payments and quotes. Others have a less extensive web presence and will require you to contact an agent to complete your coverage. The ZIP code that you enter will determine which website you receive.

App: The Auto Club app allows you to manage your insurance policies, AAA membership, and other services as long as the club you belong is one that the insurer supports. This includes Automobile Club of Southern California (AAA Texas), AAA Northeast, and other clubs. The AAA Mobile app, which is more general, focuses on member needs like calling roadside assistance or planning trips.

Claims: The type of insurance you have will affect your options when it comes to filing a claim. Online filing is possible with certain providers. You can also track your claim online. For more information, visit the website of your motor club. See how to file a claim for home insurance.

Customer Service: Visit your motor club’s website to find phone numbers and other options for customer service.

Where AAA stands for

AAA members get many benefits. Other perks include roadside assistance and travel discounts.

Wide availability. AAA’s network of motor clubs serves a large area of the country.

Where AAA is short

Annual membership fee. To make the membership fee worthwhile, you would need to have great homeowners insurance.

Inconsistency. AAA home insurance is offered by different companies in different areas. This means that not all members have the same coverage options, discounts, or access to a mobile application to manage their policy.

AAA home insurance is right for you?

AAA homeowners insurance is worth looking into if you are a member or interested in the other benefits. Depending on your location, you may have other options that offer better customer service.

There are other home insurance companies you should consider

Are you not ready to make a final decision? These other companies offer homeowners insurance:

  • Hippo : Digital-first insurance with free smart-home technology for many states.

  • Travelers : Discounts and coverage for eco-conscious homeowners

  • USAA Homeowners Insurance for Veterans, Active Military Personnel and their Families

Questions frequently asked

Is AAA able to offer home insurance?

AAA provides homeowners insurance through its network regional motor clubs.

What are the other types of insurance that AAA offers?

Is AAA home insurance worth it?

Depending on your location, AAA homeowners insurance might not be the best option. AAA homeowners policies can be sold by different insurance companies in different states. This means that rates, coverage options, and customer satisfaction may vary among different companies. It is a good idea to compare multiple insurance companies to ensure you get the coverage you want at a cost you can afford.