Toggle, a brand new brand of Farmers renters insurance, was founded in 2018. This insurance is for those who want to quickly customize their policies online. It also includes a variety of unique add-ons such as coverage for side hustles or a package for pet owners. Toggle’s standard policies generally cover damage from flooding or […]

Toggle, a brand new brand of Farmers renters insurance, was founded in 2018. This insurance is for those who want to quickly customize their policies online. It also includes a variety of unique add-ons such as coverage for side hustles or a package for pet owners.

Toggle’s standard policies generally cover damage from flooding or earthquakes. This coverage is not available from other insurance companies. Toggle renters insurance can be purchased in approximately half the United States.

How to rate renters insurance agencies

Star ratings are based upon consumer complaints data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, financial strength grades from AM Best, coverage and discounts available, and overall consumer experience. Check out our criteria to evaluate renters insurance companies.

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Overall, Toggle renters insurance received 4 stars. NerdWallet’s rating are determined by NerdWallet’s editorial team. The formula for scoring homeowners insurance includes policy coverage options, discounts, filing claims easily, website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


Toggle renters’ insurance is available in 26 States.

Toggle renters coverage

Toggle’s coverage selection process is a bit different than other companies. Toggle’s basic policy includes the following:

  • $1,000 coverage for personal property. They are covered anywhere in the globe, up to the policy limit.

  • Renters liability coverage covers $100,000, which will pay you if they sue you for injuring or damaging their property. Personal injury coverage is also available through Toggle. This can protect you against lawsuits for things such as slander, defamation, and wrongful entry.

  • Insurance that covers medical payments to other people, without a lawsuit. This can help you pay for an injured person in your home.

Standard renters policies offered by other companies usually include loss of use coverage. This covers you while your home is being fixed up. This is what Toggle calls temporary living costs. It can be added to your basic plan for an additional fee.

You want more than the $1,000 base level in personal property coverage. You won’t find the same limit for all your personal property coverage as other insurers. With Toggle you can choose from a range of limits:

  • Technology. Computers, phones and TVs up to $10,000.

  • Furniture, appliances, and wall art. Payments up to $20,000.

  • Fashion, jewelry, and accessories. Clothing, shoes, and accessories up to $10,000.

  • Creative equipment. Payments for cameras, musical instruments and 3D printers up to $10,000.

  • Includes bikes, camping gear and other sporting equipment upto $10,000

  • Collectibles. Payments for artwork, trading card, and antiques up to 10,000.

Toggle, unlike most insurance companies, covers your belongings in flood damage. It also covers earthquake damage in all states except California. Toggle can help you eliminate bedbugs and clean up water damage from a backed-up drain.

After you have chosen the coverage amount for each category, you might be able add the following features:

Pet Parent coverage. This covers up to $100,000 in liability coverage for your pet if it hurts anyone outside of your household. It also includes $500 for boarding costs if you have to move out after a covered incident. You can also get up to $500 in damage to your home by your pet, and $500 to pay for your pet’s vet bills if they are injured due to an event covered by your policy.

Toggle offers replacement cost coverage. This means that Toggle will pay enough to replace your items if they are stolen or damaged. The company will pay claims based on “actual cash value”, with deductions for older items.

Side Hustle coverage. Toggle will cover you and your equipment, plus lost income, if something happens. You may also be eligible for legal assistance. It does not include ridesharing.

Identity Protector coverage. This coverage covers expenses related to restoring your identity. It can monitor your credit and help you find a specialist to resolve the problem.


Toggle does not advertise policy discounts. The company will decrease your deductible for each year that you do not file a claim.

Toggle partners with many other brands to offer discounts on rental cars, clothing and food delivery services.

Customer complaints

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Toggle received far more complaints than expected to state regulators for its home insurance. This is based on three years of data. (NAIC home insurance complaints also cover mobile homes, condo, and renters policies. )

Consumer experience

Website: Toggle offers online quotes, claims filing and FAQ sections. You can also find information about the company’s policies and procedures at the FAQ section. You can also find a section called Toggle Perks that lists discount offers from company partners. Logging in to your online account will allow you to view policy documents, update your personal information, and change your billing method.

Claims: You have the option to file a claim for renters and view its status online. Toggle’s claims representatives will reach out and assist you in moving the process forward.

Customer service: To get assistance, submit a contact request on the website. You can also use the chat function or email [email protected] to reach us at 855-864-1530.

Where Toggle stands out

Toggle’s standard policies do not include all the coverage that is offered. This coverage includes water backup, flooding, earthquakes, personal injuries liability, bedbug removal, and insurance for earthquakes.

Partner perks. While Toggle might not offer discounts for renters, you can save money by using its partner offers.

Where Toggle falls flat

Customer complaints. Toggle receives a higher volume of complaints than its competitors to state regulators.

HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML9_ HTML4_ Toggle’s website can be accessed from mobile devices, but there is no app that allows you to manage your policies.

Other renters’ insurance companies to look at

Are you not ready to make a choice? These other companies offer renters insurance:

  • Assurant : Wide coverage, but many consumer complaints

  • Farmers : Comprehensive coverage and an easy-to-use app to manage your policy.

  • Lemonade : Straightforward policies by a tech-centric and mission-driven company

  • Progressive : Offers renters policies to its customers and third-party policies.

Questions frequently asked

What are other types of insurance does Toggle offer

Toggle offers auto insurance in a few states. Pets Best is also a partner of Toggle, allowing them to offer pet insurance.

Is Toggle renters insurance legit?

Toggle is a relatively new insurance company but it’s backed Farmers , which has been around since 1928.

How do I cancel Toggle renters’ insurance?

You have the option to cancel your Toggle policy online.

Are there any restrictions on the breed of dog Toggle allows?

No. No. Toggle will cover any breed so long as there is no history of aggression.

Can I add a roommate in my Toggle policy

A spouse, domestic partner, or family member can be added to your room, but you cannot add an unrelated roommate. They should instead get their own renters insurance. Find out more about renting insurance for roommates.