Singapore Airlines’ business class is widely considered to be one of the best in business class. This reputation is based on top-notch service and chef-prepared meals. The seats are large and comfortable.

Let’s have a look at Singapore Airlines’ business class to see if it is worth the extra cash or miles.

Singapore Airlines business-class seats

Singapore Airlines business class seats are available in a variety of aircraft types. You can rest assured that you will be seated in a comfortable, lie-flat seat with aisle access for all long-haul regional and international flights.

On some short-haul Singapore Airlines aircraft, you can find business-class seats that are flat-flat.

The Boeing 737-800 is the only Singapore Airlines aircraft without lie-flat seats. These aircraft offer business-class passengers a standard recliner chair that is often found in domestic first classes in the United States.

Singapore Airline long-haul Airbus A350, Boeing 777 and Boeing 777 seats

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

Singapore Airlines uses a wide, leather-back seat for long-haul flights on its Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft.

These throne-like, massive seats were designed to provide privacy and comfort on some of the longest flights in the world.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

The seating arrangement is 1-2-1, which means that there are two seats on each side of the aisle. There are also two seats in the middle. The console separates the middle seats. They are not ideal for couples who want to travel together.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

These seats are not preferred by some passengers for several reasons. First, even though each seat faces forward the footwell is to the side. This means that you must sleep at an angle.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

Book a seat in the front of your cabin if you don’t want to sleep at an angle. These seats feature more spacious and forward-facing footwells.

This seat does not recline into a bed. The seat back folds down so that the bed can be created.

Passenger can’t do this seat-to-bed transition on their own. Before you can get to sleep, you will need to ask your crew for assistance in moving the seat.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Seats

(Photo by Singapore Airlines)

Much of the upper deck is occupied by the business-class cabin on Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. Rows can also be arranged in a 1-2-1 arrangement.

The middle seats are better for couples who fly together. The seats can recline so that they become a double bed in a skyscraper.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 787, and regional Airbus A350 seat

(Photo by Singapore Airlines)

Singapore Airlines uses a different lie-flat seating arrangement on its Boeing 787-10 aircraft and its regional Airbus A350 aircraft.

Cabins are set up in a 1-2-1 fashion, similar to long-haul planes. The middle seats can be placed together for travel companions or separated to provide privacy. The divider between the middle seats can be raised so that privacy is maintained.

Lie flat seats on Singapore Boeing 737 MAX

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

Singapore Airlines offers business-class lie-flat seats on short-haul flights with its Boeing 737 MAX, although it refers to it as “Boeing 737-8.” ”

There are two rows of seats. Row 2 has solo seats. Odd rows have two-seat pairs, which are great for couples.

These lie-flat seats can be rented on short flights from Australia to Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. They are also available for flights up to six hours to South Korea and Australia.

Food & drink in Singapore Airlines’ business class

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Singapore Airlines is proud to offer a wide range of onboard meals, regardless of where you are flying.

Singapore Airlines will provide warm meals even on economy flights that are less than two hours long. You can rest assured that Singapore’s business-class meals are even better.

Singapore Airlines offers multi-course meals with metal cutlery on short-haul flights.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

Pre-planning is key to Singapore Airlines’ business class. Singapore Airlines business class passengers can book the Cook on any flight over 1.5 hours.

Book The Cook allows eligible passengers to choose from a wider range of food options than what they would find onboard, including laksa or Singapore Airlines’ signature Lobster Thermidor.

You must book your meal via Singapore Airlines’ “manage me booking” feature to Book the Cook. You can do this between 15 and 24 hours prior to departure. However, Newark and Auckland flights have a cutoff earlier.

You can also view the onboard menu up to eight days prior to departure.

All the perks and amenities of Singapore Airlines’ business class

Singapore Airlines offers business class seats that are large and comfortable, as well as delicious meals and other perks to make your trip more enjoyable.

Singapore Airlines pillows & blankets

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

At boarding, you may only have one pillow. This is not the only bedding that you will get as a Singapore Airlines business class passenger.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

The Singapore Airlines crew will make your bed ready for you to go.

Business Class Wi-Fi Free in Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines increased its Wi-Fi offering in January 2023. Business-class passengers will now be able to use unlimited Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines flights, rather than a limited 100MB data allowance.

Connect to the KrisWorld Wi-Fi signal, browse to, select “Complimentary Access,” and fill in details like your seat number and name.

Singapore Airlines business class amenity kits

After many years of refusing to provide amenity kit, Singapore Airlines began offering business-class amenity kit in 2020. Passengers must be able to find one. This is because Singapore Airlines business class passengers do not receive an amenity kit unless they are on a flight that exceeds six hours.

(Photo courtesy JT Genter

Singapore Airlines also has a business-class bathroom with numerous amenities, including razors, combs, and lotions.

Additional perks of Singapore Airlines’ business class

  • Additional checked bag allowance Singapore Airlines business class passengers receive a larger checked baggage allowance than premium economy or economy passengers. On flights to and from the U.S., business-class passengers may check up to two bags each weighing 70 pounds (32 kg).

  • Large inflight entertainment screens. The in-flight screens of Singapore Airlines business class can measure up to 18 inches diagonally depending on the aircraft.

  • Noise-canceling headphones. Singapore Airlines business class passengers can take advantage of the many entertainment options on board with a set of noise-canceling headsets.

Singapore Airlines business Class recapped

Singapore Airlines is known for offering one of the most outstanding business-class products anywhere in the world. Singapore Airlines offers business-class lie-flat seats on most flights with aisle access.

Book the Cook allows Singapore Airlines business class passengers to pre-order delicious meals even on short flights. The excellent onboard service of Singapore Airlines completes the experience.

(Top Photo courtesy of Singapore Airlines).

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