Many travelers make Hawaii a top priority. If you live in an area that offers direct flights to Hawaii, it can be tempting to travel to these famous islands. You don’t need to fly nonstop from your local airport to reach Hawaii. There are many one-stop options available. This guide will help you find your […]

Many travelers make Hawaii a top priority. If you live in an area that offers direct flights to Hawaii, it can be tempting to travel to these famous islands. You don’t need to fly nonstop from your local airport to reach Hawaii. There are many one-stop options available.

This guide will help you find your way to paradise. It will outline which airlines fly to Hawaii from which airports, and what to expect during flight. You’ll be glad you did, when you sip a mai tai while on the beaches of Hawaii.

Major Hawaiian airports

These are the Hawaiian airports you can fly from the U.S.

  • Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Oahu.

  • Maui’s Kahului Airport.

  • Kauai’s Lihue Airport.

  • Kona International Airport, Hawaii’s Big Island.

Here’s a list of airlines that fly to Hawaii from where

Airlines fly to these cities from the mainland, whether they are open year-round or seasonal.

North American cities, and airlines that serve Hawaii

  • Atlanta: Delta Air Lines.

  • Austin: Hawaiian Airlines.

  • Boston: Hawaiian.

  • Chicago O’Hare: American Airlines, United Airlines.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth: American.

  • Denver: United.

  • Detroit: Delta.

  • Houston-Intercontinental: United.

  • Las Vegas: Hawaiian and Southwest Airlines.

  • Long Beach (California): Hawaiian and Southwest

  • Los Angeles: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest, United.

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul: Delta.

  • Newark: United.

  • New York-John F. Kennedy – Delta and Hawaiian

  • Oakland: Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Ontario, California: Hawaiian.

  • Phoenix: American and Hawaiian.

  • Portland: Alaska, Hawaiian.

  • Sacramento: Hawaiian, Southwest.

  • Salt Lake City: Delta.

  • San Diego: Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Southwest.

  • San Jose California: Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Southwest.

  • San Francisco: Alaskan, Hawaiian, and United.

  • Seattle: Alaska Delta, Hawaiian.

  • Washington-Dulles: United.

Which airlines fly to Hawaii?

1. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the home carrier of the islands. The airline is known for bringing the spirit of Aloha along with them on their flights. All passengers are treated to a hot meal featuring island-inspired flavours, complimentary drinks from a bar (including craft beer, island-roasted coffee, and wine with the meal), and entertainment on board that is completely free.

The airline offers flat-bed business class seats on its wide-body planes. Hawaiian offers flights to many islands from the mainland, including Honolulu and Kahului (Maui), Kona, Big Island, and Lihue. It has an extensive interisland network with over 170 flights per days once it is in Hawaii. This makes it the biggest airline operating intrastate. It has the longest non-stop route to Hawaii from the mainland of all domestic airlines.

The Hawaiian Airlines (r) World Elite Mastercard (r) is a great way to earn bonus points on your flight, or to redeem points for future vacations. Earn 3x miles for Hawaiian flights, 2x miles for gas, dining and grocery and get two free checked bags.

2. Alaska Airlines

Although the airline’s name doesn’t give away its tropical route map but it does have quite a few flights between Hawaii and mainland.

The carrier flew to Oahu and Maui, as well as the Island of Hawaii, from many cities in the West U.S., including

  • Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Los Angeles.

  • Portland, Oregon.

  • San Diego.

  • San Francisco.

  • San Jose California.

The airline allows passengers to stream over 500 movies and TV shows free of charge to their devices on board. They also keep them charged at the seat. Onboard meals and snacks are available for Economy Class passengers.

Alaska Airlines Visa(r), credit card holder is eligible to receive free checked bags for up to six of your companions. You can also use the card to receive a discounted companion airfare to Hawaii.

3. American Airlines

American is a flight provider that flies from many mainland cities to Hawaii. However, it stands out in one key way. Its business class passengers who fly from Chicago-O’Hare or Dallas-Fort Worth to Hawaii on nonstop flights can use the Flagship Lounge to supplement their itinerary.

All passengers flying from Chicago or Dallas to Hawaii are entitled to a complimentary meal and open bar service. This is only for the airline’s “Flagship Hawaii” routes. Other flights, such as those from Phoenix and Los Angeles, don’t offer the same amenities.

4. Delta Air Lines

Delta fly from Atlanta to Honolulu, Maui and back on long-haul aircraft equipped with flat-bed Delta One cabins. It also uses wide-body aircraft from New York-JFK and Detroit to Honolulu, often on a seasonal basis. It also serves four major Hawaiian airports — Honolulu Kahului Kona, Kona, and Lihue — via other major gateways such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

Delta Studio is a solid entertainment system that provides inflight entertainment. It also offers complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Delta offers complimentary meals on its longest flights, such as those from New York-JFK and Atlanta to Detroit, Detroit, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

5. Southwest Airlines

Southwest’s bags-free philosophy makes it an attractive option for heavy packers. The airline does not provide assigned seats so passengers will need to check in early or pay early to secure the best seat. Southwest does not sell food, but there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks available.

Many non-stop flights are offered by the airline to Honolulu and Kahului, Kona, Kona, and Lihue, from many mainland airports along the West Coast. There are also interisland flights that connect Hawaiian cities. From airports such as: Southwest Airlines, you can find flights to the Islands.

  • Las Vegas.

  • Long Beach (California).

  • Los Angeles.

  • Sacramento.

  • San Jose California.

  • San Diego.

6. United Airlines

United is not unfamiliar with Hawaii. It offered nonstop flights from Hawaii to the mainland at press time. This is a significant advantage over other airlines. Many United hub cities, including Newark, Los Angeles and San Francisco, offer flights to Hawaii. The airline serves four major airports: Honolulu (Kahului), Kona, Kona, and Lihue.

United deserves praise for its inflight service, including complimentary meals in all cabins on long flights from the mainland. A United credit card with co-branding can offer 25% off inflight purchases.


There are many options for direct flights from the United States to Hawaii if you are planning a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. There are many airlines that fly to Hawaii, regardless of where you live. Hawaiian Airlines is the best option if you’re looking for an authentic island experience.

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