While a trip to Disney is a wonderful experience, it’s not the only thing that makes your vacation magical. If you want to add something special, consider staying on Disney property. There are many options for hotels in the world. The best benefits of staying at a Disney Resort are when you visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Here are some of the top benefits of staying at a Disney Resort, including early entry into the parks, priority Lightning Lane access, and many other.

1. Park entry at an early stage

This benefit is a great way to maximize your time at the parks. This perk, also known as Extra Magic Hour in the past, allowed resort guests to get early or late access to a rotating list of Walt Disney World theme parks. The benefit is no longer limited to one park per day. Resort guests can now choose to enter any of the four Disney parks up to thirty minutes prior to opening.


Some resorts that are not Disney properties may also be granted early entry to the parks, such as Wyndham, Hilton, and Marriott.

2. Transport is free

Orlando is a large city that has a population exceeding 300,000. There are many hotels in Orlando, many of which are far from Disney World. It’s easy for you to rack up a large bill while navigating to Walt Disney World.

This problem is not a problem for Disney World guests. Each Disney resort offers complimentary transportation to the parks and to Disney Springs.

Parking at the theme parks is $25 per day at a minimum. This can quickly add up, and it doesn’t include the cost of parking your car at the resort.

3. Disney Dining Plans

Have you heard of the Disney Dining Plan (or Disney Dining Plan)? It’s not available right now, but it’s one of the most valuable benefits to staying on Disney property. This is especially true if you are a fan of food.

A Disney Dining Plan is only available to Disney Resort guests. It allows guests to prepay fixed prices for their meals. They then receive credits that can be used to purchase food, snacks, and dining at Disney World. Disney Dining Plans, which are similar to an all-inclusive resort can help travelers budget ahead. You can also maximize your credit by visiting a variety of websites that will help you save money. Smart diners can even make more from their purchases.

You can choose from different levels of Dining Plans depending on what you and your fellow travelers eat. The cheapest option is fast-casual, while the more expensive options are for sit-down meals.

4. Easy access to Disney parks

Staying on Disney property has another perk. Access to the parks is easy for you. You will have easy access to the theme parks. However, depending on where you are staying, this may include shuttle services.

Disney has done an excellent job in granting resorts access to its parks. This is evident when it comes time to choosing your method of arriving. You might like to take a monorail ride from your hotel to Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian offer direct access to the park via their monorail stops.

You might consider the Skyliner, which is a gondola that takes you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, if you are staying somewhere else.

You might also want to take a boat trip or walk to the parks. Both are options for resort guests.

These benefits don’t just apply to Walt Disney World. The Grand Californian Lodge at Disneyland gives guests direct access via an exclusive entrance to California Adventure.

5. Reservations for restaurants, including character meals, are first in line

Are you looking for the best Disney restaurants? Anyone who has tried to book a reservation in the past knows the struggles of setting an alarm and getting up at the 60-day window to make a reservation. If you stay for longer than one day, it can become tedious to repeat the process.

This step is not required for resort guests. They will need to wait 60 days before making a reservation at a restaurant, but once the window has opened, they can make reservations throughout their stay. There is no additional waiting. This means that even if they are only there for 10 days, they will be able to secure spots for their final day of their stay up to 70 days in advance — almost guaranteeing their choice of restaurant.

6. Individual Lightning Lane priority

Individual Lightning Lane is a new offering from Disney that allows guests to buy fast-track access for high-demand rides. Only a few Individual Lightning Lane passes are available per day. You will need to wait in line like everyone else until they are gone.

Staying at a Disney resort will give you the opportunity to get Lightning Lane access earlier than everyone else. Lightning Lane passes can be purchased by guests who spend their nights at the resort starting at 7 a.m. the day before their visit to the park. Everyone else? They must wait until the park opens. This can take hours.

Are you thinking about staying at a Disney resort

Disney vacations are some of the best you will ever experience. These trips offer great food, entertainment and fun attractions.

If you want to maximize your experience, a Disney resort may be the right choice. Disney resorts offer a variety of perks that can make your vacation more enjoyable.

(Top Photo courtesy Walt Disney World)

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