It will be easier than ever to obtain a Southwest Companion Pass for a limited period. These popular perks are available from February 7th through March 13th 2023.

When you purchase $4,000 within the first three months, you will earn the Companion Pass and 30,000 Rapid Rewards points.

Companion Passes allow you to bring another person along on your flights until February 28, 2024. There is no additional fare, taxes, or fees. To earn a Companion Pass, you would normally need to fly 100 one-way flights or earn 135,000 point in a calendar.

This replaces cards’ old welcome offers where you could earn 50,000 bonus point after spending $1,000 in the first three months.


Companion Pass benefits will now be available to those who earn 135,000 qualifying points, up from 125,000 points in a calendar-year. All Southwest credit card holders will receive 10,000 points each year. These points cannot be used for award flights and they only count towards Companion Pass qualification.

Is this a good deal?

For those who are able to use it, the Southwest Companion Pass is one of the best perks in travel. Unbeatable benefits include unlimited flights for friends and family members (plus tax) during the validity of the Southwest Companion Pass. The opportunity to earn the pass up to one year after opening one credit card may seem like a great deal to some people, but it could not be for everyone. Your Companion Pass might not be of much use if you fly alone or only occasionally to Southwest. You can always use the Companion Pass points, so the standard credit card that offers more points for signing up and meeting spending requirements might be better than this limited-time offer.

Even if your loyalty to Southwest is strong, it may be a better idea to pass. This is because you can earn enough qualifying points to enjoy the pass longer if you do not receive this offer. The Companion Pass is valid for the remainder of the year you earned it, plus the whole year following. Therefore, if you earn the pass in 2023 it will be valid until 2024.