Some investors believe that Bitcoin is a bubble.

There have been many financial bubbles throughout history, including tulips in 17th century and stock market stocks in the late 1990s. These bubbles are often only seen in hindsight. It’s difficult to tell if a bubble is bursting from businesses that are simply volatile or growing rapidly until it pops. Bitcoin is volatile: Bitcoin, like many bull runs, has experienced multiple sharp price drops. The most notable was its dramatic drop from $70,000 in the late 2021 to $19,000 at October 2022.

Financial leaders are divided on whether Bitcoin is a long-term investment option. While some are skeptical about the cryptocurrency’s underlying value, as it doesn’t generate revenue or hold assets like traditional companies, others are optimistic about its future.

Do you think Bitcoin is too valuable?

Warren Buffett. Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway’s long-serving CEO and one the most wealthy people in the country, stated that he would not buy all of Bitcoin for $25 at the annual shareholder meeting. “What would you do with it?” He asked. “I must sell it back to your one way or the other. ”

His critique centers around the fact that Bitcoin does not generate income for its owners, unlike companies that sell products or services. He said that it is possible for something to be valued without creating value in the traditional sense of paintings. However, these situations are rare and do not apply to Bitcoin. He said that cryptocurrency does not generate value. It is dependent on the next guy making more. ”

Jamie Dimon. In September 2022, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon stated to Congress that he was a major skeptic of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. This is a position he has held for many years. He said that they were “decentralized Ponzi schemes.” They are not good for anyone, but it is a ridiculous notion. ”

He said that his doubts about cryptocurrency didn’t apply to stablecoins. “There would not be anything wrong with a stabilize coin, properly regulated. ”

Do you think Bitcoin has a bright future ahead?

Jack Dorsey. As the founder and CEO of Block, the parent company of Cash App and Square and whose name is a play upon blockchain, Dorsey has a long track record in finance and tech. At a 2021 Bitcoin conference, he stated that Bitcoin was the most important thing he has ever worked on. He said that Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency, and not other cryptocurrencies. ”

Marc Andreessen. Marc Andreessen, a tech entrepreneur who created the first internet browser and later supported companies such as Airbnb, Facebook, and Slack, was a long-time Bitcoin bull. Andreessen Horowitz is an investment firm that invests in many crypto-related projects including Coinbase.

Andreessen stated in his 2014 New York Times Op-Ed, “Why Bitcoin Matters,” that Bitcoin is not a “libertarian fairy tale nor a Silicon Valley exercise in hype. It offers an enormous opportunity to reimagine the way the financial system should and can work in the Internet age. ”

Is there Bitcoin’s bubble?

It is difficult to say, partly because it is hard to calculate Bitcoin’s true value. It is difficult to value Bitcoin because of two factors.

  • Bitcoin’s track record is very short. New companies are volatile and prices can change quickly as the market decides its fair price. These price U-turns can appear to be bubbles popping and forming.

  • Bitcoin is fundamentally unique. There are many ways for investors to evaluate the value of companies, even those that are new. These methods don’t work for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is not a business and does not generate any revenue. This is an important factor when determining the company’s worth.

The crypto winter has seen prices stagnate for most of 2022. Experts disagree over whether this is a temporary setback, or the beginning to the end. However, crypto is being under increased scrutiny by regulators, which could suggest that it is becoming more integrated in the country’s financial system. Fidelity and Visa, two of the most well-known financial companies in America, are also working to make Bitcoin mainstream.

Limiting your exposure to crypto is a smart move if you are interested in investing in it. You should limit your exposure to risky assets such as crypto to 10%. You can benefit from the best-case scenario while minimizing losses should prices drop.

The editor and author were not involved in any of the investments mentioned at the time this article was published.