Are you a holder of an American Express card AmEx cards often include travel insurance that can protect you in case of an accident. AmEx cards include complimentary rental car insurance. However, coverage levels can vary depending upon the card.

A look at AmEx’s car rental insurance. Which cards have it?

Does AmEx provide rental car insurance?

Terms and Conditions apply.

The coverage levels vary depending on the card you have. For example, if you have The Platinum Card (r) from American Express, AmEx will reimburse you up to $75,000 for theft or damage after a qualifying event. You’ll also get $50,000 coverage if you have Delta SkyMiles(r), Blue American Express Card. These terms and conditions apply.


Primary insurance is a substitute for any existing car insurance.

AmEx car rental insurance will only reimburse you after your other insurance has been paid. This applies to any personal insurance you may have.

What does AmEx’s rental car insurance cover?

The complimentary credit card rental insurance is a good option for coverage. But keep in mind that the card you have will determine what your coverage is.

  • Theft from a covered rental car.

  • Damage to the vehicle.

  • Accidental death or dismemberment.

  • Accidental injury.

  • Personal property coverage for car rental.

  • Loss of use charges as incurred or charged by the agency.

  • Appraisal fees.

  • Reasonable Towing Charges.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Other cards are not covered by the coverage.

  • Theft from the rental car.

  • Loss-of-use fees.

  • Reasonable Towing Charges.

  • Damage to the vehicle.

Terms and Conditions apply.

This type of insurance is available on cards like the American Express(r), Gold Card, and the Delta SkyMiles (r) Platinum American Express Card. These terms and conditions apply.

You will need to:

  • Use your AmEx card to pay for the entire rental.

  • You can decline the rental company’s optional insurance coverages. This applies to higher-end cards as you will need to also decline personal property coverage or personal accident insurance. The full collision damage waiver can be declined by other cardholders.

Terms and Conditions apply.

You can still get insurance if your American Express Membership Rewards were used to pay for the car. However, you cannot receive insurance if other reward programs were used.

Only for rentals lasting up to 30 days, rental car insurance is available. These terms and conditions apply.

Who is Covered?

AmEx’s rental-car insurance covers more than just the cardholder. According to the guide to benefits, a renter who is eligible for collision insurance is any cardholder with an eligible card, their spouse, partner, and any authorized drivers. Other types of insurance such as accidental injury insurance cover passengers in the vehicle. These terms apply.

How to make a claim with AmEx car rental insurance

Two ways can you file a claim to an incident. You can start your claim by going to AmEx’s website.

You can also call 800-338-1670 to report your claim. You can also call the national office at 303-273-6497 if you are not in the country. Report the incident as soon as possible, or within 30 days.

You will then need to provide proof of loss within 60 calendar days. You will need to submit a variety documentation including:

  • A itemized repair estimate or itemized bill.

  • Copy of the rental agreement.

  • Copy of the charge slip for your vehicle.

  • Copy of your personal insurance, or notarized letter stating you don’t have it.

  • Police reports (if one exists).

  • Copy of your driver’s licence.

After AmEx receives all the information they need and has processed your claim within 30 days, AmEx will pay your benefits. These terms and conditions apply.

AmEx car hire insurance recapped

Many AmEx cards include rental car insurance. This applies to both premium cards that have high annual fees and low-fee cards. The type and level of coverage you receive will depend on the card. These terms and conditions apply.

For more information about the rental car insurance that your card offers, please refer to its guide to benefits. This will give you details such as coverage limits, who is covered, and who is excluded.

You will need to pay the entire rental amount with your card in order to receive free rental car insurance. The rental agency will offer insurance, but you must decline it. After that, your insurance policy is automatically activated and you can drive off knowing you are covered.

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