American Express recently added cell phone protection to certain AmEx cards. AmEx cards did not offer cell phone protection before April 1, 2021. AmEx cell phone coverage is now available as a benefit to 15 premium AmEx consumer, small business, and corporate cards.

There are limitations, limitations, and deductibles that you need to be aware of when using credit card protection. This is how AmEx cell phone coverage works.

What does AmEx cell phone protection look like?

AmEx cell phone coverage reimburses cardmembers for the replacement value or actual costs of their stolen cell phones. This coverage covers all of the cell phones in the plan, not just the primary cardmember’s phone.

You do not need to enroll for this coverage. This coverage is available automatically by simply paying your entire cell phone bill with an eligible AmEx card (see the list below).

Limitations and deductibles

AmEx cell phone coverage covers up to $800 for any claim that is qualified for damage or theft. If your claim is approved you will be reimbursed up the actual cost of replacing your phone. This is at the sole discretion of the benefits administrator. These terms apply.

A $50 deductible applies to each claim. This means that the maximum amount you will receive from a claim, if any, is $750. Cardmembers can only make two claims in a 12-month period. These terms apply.

Timing is crucial

Your cell phone coverage doesn’t start the day you pay your first eligible AmEx bill. Instead, coverage starts the day following the first eligible payment. During this waiting period, take extra care not to lose or damage your phone.

You get the missing coverage on your backend, for what it’s really worth. Your cell phone protection will end at the end each calendar month if you stop paying your eligible AmEx cards cell phone bills. If you close an eligible AmEx card, your coverage ceases immediately.

What’s Not Covered

AmEx cell protection is a great option if you meet the eligibility criteria. There are some restrictions as to what is covered.

Keep in mind that AmEx cell phone coverage doesn’t protect you if your phone gets lost or disappears. This protection does not cover theft or qualifying damage.

AmEx cell phone coverage doesn’t cover “cosmetic damages” to your phone. This refers to minor scratches, abrasions and scrapes on your phone’s screen.


Cracked screens are not considered cosmetic damage by AmEx. This policy covers a cracked screen that is defined as a “fracture or break, shatter crack, crack, rupture” of your primary display screen.

Other AmEx cell-phone protection restrictions to remember:

  • The coverage doesn’t cover accessories for cell phones — only the phone, its battery, and antenna.

  • Consumer cards don’t cover phones that are used for resale, professional or commercial purposes.

  • Cell phones that are stolen or damaged while “under the control and care of a common carrier” (such as airlines, the U.S.) don’t qualify for coverage. A delivery service or the Postal Service.

Which cards offer AmEx cell phone protection

American Express offers cell phone protection for more than a dozen premium cards. AmEx lists every variety of The Platinum Card(r), from American Express. However, this number is exaggerated.

Personal Cards with AmEx Cell Phone Protection include:

AmEx small business cards include protection for cell phones.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Each AmEx card that offers this benefit has the same benefits, limitations, and restrictions. AmEx has the right to change the terms of its coverage at any moment, provided it gives notice. For the most current terms and card offers AmEx cell phone protection, visit AmEx’s benefits webpage. These terms and conditions apply.

How to file a AmEx cell phone protection claim

Call AmEx’s benefits administrator AIG Claims 1-833-784-1467 to start a AmEx cell phone protection case. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CST. You must file your claim within 90 days after your loss or your claim may be denied.

The benefits administrator will give you instructions on how to file your proof of loss when you call. You may be required to submit documentation, such as a copy or photos of the damage to your device. The benefits administrator might require a copy the police report filed in the case of theft. This must be filed within 48 hours. You must provide proof of loss within 120 days after the loss or your claim might not be approved.

The benefits administrator might also require documentation to prove that you are eligible for this card benefit. Documentation may be required for:

  • A card statement displaying the wireless service payment for each month prior to the date of loss or damage.

  • Copy of your bill from your wireless service provider.

  • Get a copy of your receipt for your smartphone.

AmEx cell phones protection, recapped

The AmEx card that offers cell phone protection is one of the most valuable and new benefits. To get this complimentary coverage, you simply need to pay your cell phone bill using an AmEx card. You can then file a claim within 90-days of your incident for reimbursement up to $800, less a $50 deductible, if you have your phone stolen or damaged. These terms apply.

Keep in mind that AmEx phone protection does not cover lost phones, or any other damage. It doesn’t kick in until the month following you have made a eligible cell phone service payment.

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