American Express added trip delay insurance protection to its eligible cards only recently. Travelers might have had to choose between a credit card with trip delays protections and an AmEx card that earned them more points. The issuer now offers trip delay insurance as an option to certain cards. This makes it easier for travelers to choose to use their AmEx card to book a flight.

This protection is not available for all cards and doesn’t cover all travelers or delays. Here are some facts about AmEx trip delay insurance.

What is AmEx trip delay coverage?

AmEx trip delay insurance covers reasonable expenses such as lodging and meals if a trip is delayed for a covered reason. The maximum reimbursement for eligible trips is $500, depending on the AmEx card you have. It must also be less than six hours or twelve hours.

You must use your eligible American Express Card to pay for round-trip travel that starts in your home city. AmEx does not require round-trip travel. However, you can book one-way flights to any destination and return to your home. You’ll need to charge the entire amount to your card and keep the trip under 365 days.

Not all delays qualify. AmEx trip delay insurance kicks in only if you are delayed for one of the following reasons:

  1. Inlement weather.

  2. Terrorist actions or hijacking.

  3. Common carrier equipment failure (e.g. ).

  4. Travel documents or passports lost or stolen.

AmEx trip delay insurance does not cover delays that are known prior to your trip starting. For example, a change in flight schedules communicated in advance. It won’t pay for expenses incurred before the trip, or delay caused by intentional acts of the traveler.

What AmEx cards come with trip delay insurance?

More than 20 AmEx cards provide trip delay insurance protection. The AmEx card used to book the trip will determine which AmEx card is available.

These premium AmEx cards provide up to $500 reimbursement per covered trip, and are subject to a minimum of a six-hour delay.

Terms and Conditions apply.

In the meantime, for delays exceeding 12 hours, AmEx cards can reimburse $300.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Multiple AmEx cards can be used to buy the trip. The policy will apply based on the card used to purchase it.

Imagine you are booking a round-trip flight using an American Express(r), Green Card, but also having a Hilton Honors American Express Aspir Card. You can get reimbursements up to $300 for delays exceeding 12 hours if your trip is delayed. A card with a different insurance policy won’t give you better coverage. These terms and conditions apply.

Who is covered under AmEx trip delay insurance

AmEx trip delay insurance does not only cover the cardmember who used a card that is eligible to pay for the trip. AmEx coverage extends to the cardmember’s spouse, domestic partner, qualifying kids and traveling companions.

AmEx defines children to be those who are not married, dependent, and under 19 years old.

A “traveling companion” is a person who travels with you or your eligible family members on any part or all of your eligible trip. If a delayed flight occurs, a travel companion who travels on one flight with you would be covered.


AmEx trip delay coverage is capped per trip — not per eligible traveler or per delay. This means that you will only receive $500 in reimbursements regardless of how many eligible travelers you have in your group or how many delays you experience on one trip.

How do I file a claim

It is important to keep track of any delays. Keep all receipts and ask your carrier to give you a statement explaining the delay. Also, keep a copy your ticket.

To file a claim for reimbursement, you will need to follow a two-step procedure. You must first notify the benefit administrator within 60 days of the trip delay. To begin the claims process, call 844-933-0648

The next step is to prove your loss. When you file your claim, the benefit administrator will give instructions. Documentation such as receipts, tickets or the reason for the delay may be required. You must provide proof within 180 days of the delay. AmEx may allow you to extend this deadline up to one year.

Trip delay insurance by AmEx recapped

AmEx trip delay insurance was recently added to certain American Express cards. These cards are now more attractive to book travel with. Cardmembers now have the option to use AmEx cards to book travel, knowing they are covered for any weather delays, equipment failures, or lost or stolen travel documents.

You’ll need an eligible card in order to book travel. Not all delays are covered, and reimbursements are not per person or per delay.

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