British Airways, a major European carrier, is based in London. There are good chances that British Airways, or any of its Oneworld alliance partners, can take you anywhere in Europe or beyond. British Airways offers four types of service: First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. However, not all its planes offer every type of cabin. […]

British Airways, a major European carrier, is based in London. There are good chances that British Airways, or any of its Oneworld alliance partners, can take you anywhere in Europe or beyond.

British Airways offers four types of service: First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. However, not all its planes offer every type of cabin.

British Airways economy class is what you’ll find on every plane. It’s known as World Traveller on long-haul flights. It’s also known as Euro Traveller on most short-haul routes.

What to expect from British Airways Economy Class travel? Also, some tips and tricks to help you maximize your value if you do decide to book a flight.

British Airways World Traveller

British Airways’ long-haul economy cabin, World Traveller, is for long-haul international flights. It is similar to other airlines’ international economy cabins, offering free meals, entertainment options, and sometimes a baggage allowance.

World Traveller passengers have two options for tickets: standard and basic. While the fares for basic tickets will be cheaper, they don’t offer as many perks and benefits as standard tickets.

This is what all World Travellers passengers should expect, regardless of whether they have purchased a standard or basic fare:

  • Food and beverages. All World Traveller customers receive complimentary food. This includes a starter, main dish, and dessert. Also, you can get cold, hot, and alcoholic beverages. For longer flights, a second meal is available and snacks are provided during the flight. There are also meals for children.

  • Entertainment. All World Traveller passengers have access to personal entertainment screens and headphones, which allow them to watch hundreds of movies, short-subject programming, and music. Parents have the option of turning off parental locks for channels that are not approved by their children.

  • Seats. World Traveller seats include a pillow, blanket, and headrest. British Airways’ World Traveller cabins will soon be updated. They may differ in size and style depending on the aircraft and route. Boeing 777-200 aircraft departing from London Gatwick have seats that include a six-way headrest, movable middle armrests, and a headrest.

  • Power outlets. Increasing numbers of planes offer 110V AC power outlets.

  • Amenity kit. Passengers may request a small kit that includes a set of socks, a toothbrush and eyeglasses.

  • Families can board prioritised. Children in strollers or infants can board earlier than others.

Your benefits will vary depending on whether you choose a standard or basic World Traveller fare. These are the seat selection and baggage allowance.

  • You can choose your seat. You can select your seat up to 24 hours before departure by purchasing a standard fare. A basic fare will give you a seat the day before departure. For a fee, you can select earlier seats.

  • Baggage allowance. A basic fare ticket allows you to bring a bag and personal items, while a standard fare ticket allows you to carry one bag of up to 50 pounds. You can also add baggage to your flight, but these will be extra.

British Airways Euro Traveller

British Airways offers short-haul flights that are quite different. This flight offers far fewer amenities than long-haul World Traveller flights.

For Euro Traveller tickets, there are three types of fare: basic (plus), plus (flex) The Euro Traveller Basic fare is similar to the World Traveller version but offers less benefits at a lower price. Plus and Plus Flex offer more options.

What do Euro Traveller Passenger get on British Airways? No matter what class of flight, all passengers will be provided with:

  • Passengers are provided with a light snack as well as a bottle water. The Speedbird Cafe sells everything else, including coffee and tea. If you wish to ensure your meals and beverages are onboard, it is a good idea to order ahead online.

  • Access to Wi-Fi and entertainment The airline offers internet connectivity on all flights, despite the fact that they are short in duration.

  • Seats. Euro Traveller customers will be seated in leather seats with movable headsrests and in-seat electricity.

  • Families can board prioritised. Children in strollers or infants can board earlier than others.

Similar to World Traveller tickets but with Euro Traveller benefits such as seat selection or baggage fees, the fare type you choose will affect your Euro Traveller benefits.

  • Selection of seats. Basic economy passengers will be assigned a seat upon check-in unless they are British Airways elite members, in which case they can choose a seat earlier. Plus fares allow passengers to choose their preferred seat within 48-hours of departure. Plus Flex fares offer free seat selection.

  • Baggage. Baggage. Basic fare passengers are allowed to bring a bag and a personal item, but they will need to pay for any additional luggage. Plus Flex and Plus passengers can carry a bag and personal item, and may check one bag free of charge.

  • Flexibility: Basic fares do not allow you to modify your ticket without paying a fee or any difference in price. Plus passengers are able to make same-day changes free of charge, but they will have to pay a fee as well as the fare difference for any other changes. These fares do not offer refunds for cancelled tickets. Plus Flex fares offer free cancellation refunds, same-day modifications and fee-free ticket changes.

World Traveller Plus and World Traveller

Travelers who have the budget for it might want to upgrade their economy tickets to the premium economy option. This is called World Traveller Plus .

What makes a British Airways World Traveller Plus ticket different from an economy flight? It is because World Traveller Plus includes these amenities:

  • Less rows, but more space in the cabin.

  • Two meals are guaranteed, regardless of length of flight.

  • You get more baggage allowance World Traveller Plus passengers are allowed to bring a carry-on bag as well as a personal item and may check up two bags.

  • Priority boarding for Group 3 (rather that Groups 4-9)

How to get great value in British Airways economy

There are several ways to maximize the value of a British Airways economy flight, regardless of whether you use miles or cash.

Book with miles

British Airways Executive Club uses a distance-based reward system. You will get the most value for your miles if you redeem Avios, the airline’s loyalty currency, for shorter direct flights.

Transfer points to partners

Executive Club is a transfer partner for many programs. However, the transfer ratio may vary and there might be a minimum transfer requirement. These are some examples of transfer partner programs:

Bonus points

Credit card companies might offer a bonus for transferring miles or points from one credit card program to another. These bonuses may be offered at times, so keep an eye out and check back to see what has been offered previously.

Search for Rewards Flight Saver Awards

Reward Flight Saver Awards have lower taxes and fees which greatly increases their value. You must be an Executive Club member to book one.

Euro Traveller Rewards Flight Saver round trip awards start at 18,500 Avios and one British Pound. World Traveller Reward Flight Saver round-trip awards start at 50,000 Avios plus 100 British Pounds.

With Avios and Cash

You can pay for an economy British Airways flight using Avios or money, even if you don’t have the cash or miles to pay. You’ll still be eligible to earn Avios or Tier Points through the Executive Club program.

You can use miles to upgrade your flight

If the price is right, you may be able upgrade to a higher-priced cabin by using Avios and Avios plus cash. You should be aware that you cannot upgrade the lowest airfare class. Upgrade requests must be made before arriving at the airport.

Book with the right Credit Card

You can maximize your value by using a card that offers bonus points for booking airline travel. You may earn a lot of bonus points even if you travel in economy. When booking a flight, we recommend that you use a travel protection card.

Book through a travel portal

There are sometimes bonuses when you use credit card travel portals for booking your flights. These are the top travel portals offering bonus points.

However, a travel portal is not the same as a travel agency. You will need to discuss any issues you may have with your travel plans with the agency who operates the portal.

British Airways economy, recapped

British Airways offers two types of economy products: Euro Traveller and World Traveller. The flight type and length will determine which one you choose.

These perks are similar to those offered by many U.S. airlines on long- and short haul flights. This means that you can expect more perks for longer flights than shorter ones.

Understanding the fare types is important, even if you are flying economy class. These restrictions can have a significant impact on your flight plans.

(Top Photo courtesy of British Airways).

Maximizing your Rewards

A travel credit card should be able to prioritize what is most important to you. These are our top picks for the top travel credit cards in 2023, as well as those that work best for: