Nobody wants to be in an accident, especially if they are renting a car. Sometimes, however, the worst can happen and your car is damaged. What should you do? What happens if you rent the car using a Chase card?

Let’s look at Chase’s rental car policy, including what it covers and how you can make a claim for damages if you are in an accident.

Does a Chase card include rental car insurance?

Chase, as a card issuer is generous with rental car insurance. Although many credit cards offer complimentary insurance, the coverage levels can vary.

You will need to use your Chase card to pay the entire transaction to be eligible for Chase car-rental insurance. The rental car company will also require you to decline coverage. You’ll automatically be covered by Chase’s insurance if you do both.

These are some of the Chase cards that offer rental vehicle insurance , including the Chase Sapphire line:

These cards offer varying levels coverage. Certain cards, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve(r), and Chase Sapphire Preferred(r), will provide primary coverage. This insurance will pay before your personal insurance, so it will pay before any other options.

Some cards, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited(r), offer more benefits. This card provides coverage in the country you reside in and abroad. Chase will pay only after other sources have contributed if you are in a car accident at your home.


Secondary coverage is primary if you don’t have car insurance.

The short version: While your Chase card should provide rental car insurance, you will want to review your guide to benefits before renting to determine what kind of coverage it offers.

What is the coverage of Chase car rental insurance?

Although credit card rental insurance may not be as comprehensive as personal insurance, it can still do a good job protecting you. You will be covered if you have car insurance.

If you are not covered by Chase’s rental car policy, the following types of incidents can be covered:

  • Car damage.

  • Theft from a covered rental vehicle.

  • Loss of use charges incurred at the rental car agency.

  • Reasonable Towing Charges.

The total amount of coverage will depend on the card you have. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve(r) will reimburse you up to $75,000 for damage. Chase Sapphire Preferred(r), on the other hand, will only reimburse up to the actual cash value.

Chase’s rental car insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle. It won’t cover damage to other people if you hit them. You cannot rent a vehicle for longer than 31 days and still get insurance. The vehicle cannot be rented for longer than 31 days.

Chase is one of few card issuers that offers rental car insurance. This is available in countries other providers do not allow, like Israel, Jamaica, and Ireland.

Who is Covered?

You can add more people to your Chase credit card rental car policy. You can add drivers to your rental agreement, even though the cardholder must be the primary renter.

Anybody listed on the agreement will be eligible for coverage under Chase’s rental car insurance.


There are some rental car companies that charge extra for additional drivers. However, your spouse might be allowed to drive in certain areas for a nominal fee.

How to make a claim with Chase rental vehicle insurance

There are many ways to file a claim, including online and over-the-phone. It is important to notify the police as soon as possible but not later than 100 days following the incident.

You can also contact your Benefit Administrator to request a claim form. You can find the number of your Benefit Administrator in your guide to benefits.

You can also skip this step and begin your claim by navigating Chase’s online claim .

Additional documentation will be required. You will need to provide additional documentation depending on whether you have primary or secondary insurance. These items should be available in general.

  • Copy the repair estimate and itemized invoice.

  • A copy of your credit card statement indicating that you used your card for payment.

  • Copy the rental agreement.

  • Copy the accident report form.

  • Police Report (if possible).

  • Two photos of the vehicle damaged (if possible).

  • Copy of the demand letter detailing the charges you owe

All documents must be submitted within 365 days of the incident. Chase will process your claim once you have submitted all necessary documents. The rental car company will be reimbursed directly by Chase.

Chase car rental insurance, recapped

Chase’s rental car insurance can help you save a lot when renting a vehicle. You can feel secure while driving thanks to the wide coverage and primary status.

Use your Chase card to rent the car and decline to insure the company.

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