When you travel a lot, having good rental car insurance is a benefit. Chase credit cardholders have a great perk: Chase rental car insurance.

This coverage is available to eligible Chase credit cards. It may be able to help you financially in the event that your rental car is stolen or damaged by another person. Unexpected situations are possible on any adventure.

It’s a great way to be prepared. Let’s look at the details of this rental car insurance.

1. What is Chase Rental Car Insurance?

Chase car rental insurance is also known as auto rental protection or an automobile rental collision damage waiver. It’s a benefit that comes with many Chase credit cards.

You will need to cancel the collision insurance offered by the rental car company and charge the rental amount to your Chase credit card. Only if you do both, you will be eligible for coverage.

Cardholders who are eligible for this coverage can be reimbursed for damages caused by theft or collision of rental vehicles while traveling within the United States.

There are a few credit cards that provide primary coverage and others that offer secondary coverage.

Chase cards with secondary coverage are subject to the following rules:

  • Chase car rental insurance is second-class when you travel within your country. This means that your regular auto insurance will be your primary insurance, and that your credit card insurance benefits will supplement it.

  • You don’t need to have any other insurance to receive coverage if you are traveling outside your country.

2. Which Chase cards offer rental car insurance?

Many Chase credit cards offer rental car insurance coverage as an added benefit. Is the Chase Sapphire Preferred(r), Card covered for rental car insurance? As with other cards, the answer is yes.

These Chase credit cards offer primary rental vehicle insurance:

These Chase credit cards offer secondary car rental insurance:

Before you rent a car, make sure you check the details of your credit card coverage.

3. What are the coverages?

This is the coverage of Chase car rental insurance.

  • Theft or physical damage to a rental car.

  • Towing costs for a covered loss.

  • The rental car company may charge you for any loss of use.

Most cases cover the cash value of the car.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve (r) , which covers eligible expenses up to $75,000, is an exception.

Also, the rental period must not exceed 31 consecutive days. You won’t be eligible to coverage if you do not.

4. What is not covered?

Chase car rental insurance does not cover many exclusions, like

  • Theft or loss of personal property.

  • Exotic and vintage vehicles.

  • Mini-leases and leases

  • Any injury to anyone or any object inside or outside of the vehicle.

The following examples are not exhaustive. Please refer to your benefits guide for further information.

5. Who is covered?

Cardholders are covered. The cardholder’s name must appear on the card. They must also be listed as primary renter. The rental agreement also covers additional drivers.

6. How to file a claim on Chase rental car insurance

Are you ready for your Chase car rental insurance to be put to good use? How to file a claim

After an incident, you should immediately contact the benefits administration. You must inform the benefits administrator within 60 days of any damage or theft.

The rental car company will need to ask the following:

  • Copy of accident report

  • Copy of the final and initial auto rental agreements. (include both sides).

  • Copy of the estimate and itemized repair bills

  • Two photos showing damage to the vehicle if possible.

  • Copy of the police report, if possible

  • Copy of the demand letter that outlines the costs and amounts you are responsible for.

  • Copy of your credit card statement with the last four digits visible. This shows the rental car transaction.

Within 100 days of damage or theft, you must fill out a claim form. You must also submit any supporting documentation within 365 calendar days of the theft.

Last thoughts on Chase’s rental car insurance

When renting a car, having Chase rental car insurance is a great option. You could save money on unexpected expenses such as damage to your rental car due to theft or collision. If you are able to prove your eligibility, you can receive reimbursement for eligible expenses.

You must charge all charges to your Chase card. The rental company will not cover collision damage waivers.

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