It can be costly to visit Walt Disney World’s parks, let alone for lodging. Even if you can save money, it is possible to increase the cost of having your entire family with you. The Disney Vacation Club is a great way to make a long-term investment in Disney-related vacations. What’s Disney Vacation Club? The […]

It can be costly to visit Walt Disney World’s parks, let alone for lodging. Even if you can save money, it is possible to increase the cost of having your entire family with you.

The Disney Vacation Club is a great way to make a long-term investment in Disney-related vacations.

What’s Disney Vacation Club?

The program promises that members who plan on staying at Disney resorts or traveling to other destinations as part of the program can save money over the long-term. According to the company, savings will begin after 6-14 years of travel in most cases.

These resorts are where Disney Vacation Club points can be redeemed:

Disney Vacation Club resorts

  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

  • Boulder Ridge Villas on Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

  • Copper Creek Villas & Cabins on Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

  • Disney Vacation Club Villas — Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – and Kidani Village.

  • Disney’s Beach Club Villas.

  • Disney BoardWalk Villas.

  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort.

  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

  • Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

  • Disney’s Riviera Resort.

  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

  • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

  • The Villas of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

  • The Villas of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Members can also book Disney vacations beyond the resorts of Disney Vacation Club. These include cruises, Adventures by Disney tours and accommodations close to Disney theme parks. Interval International is a partner that allows members to book vacation accommodations. This partnership opens up additional destinations and types.

What is Disney Vacation Club?

Vacation points

Members can purchase a flexible real estate interest and get a stash vacation club points that can be used for Disney property stays.

All membership packages may not be the same. You can choose how often you want to redeem your points and customize the points you purchase. The discount per Vacation Point is higher for those who buy more Vacation Points. A deal that runs through November 16, 2022 encourages you to buy more points. Points are $10 off if 175-199 points are purchased, but $8 per point if 150-174 points are bought.

Your realty interest contract covers an annual amount of Vacation Points you agree to purchase, which you can then redeem for future vacations.

Home resorts

You must choose a home resort when you first purchase Vacation Points.

A home resort does not designate where you must redeem your points. It is instead the resort that determines your Vacation Points’ price and where a member has a real-estate interest.


You can book your stay at your resort up to 11 months in advance, four months ahead of other Disney Vacation Club members.

You can buy points and be a member by signing up for the deed to the real estate interest.


You can join the Disney Vacation Club and use Vacation Points across the entire Disney network of vacation options.

This arrangement is not typical for vacation clubs or timeshares, which may require members to stay a certain length of time each year or limit their vacation locations.

Some properties also offer accommodation for up to 12 people.

Other perks

Members have many unique benefits such as free refreshments, charging ports, and after-hours events.

Members get discounts on select events such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or certain dining experiences such as 50s Prime Time Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What is Disney Vacation Club worth?

To join Disney Vacation Club, it costs at most $32,985 These are the breakdown of these costs:

At enrollment, members must purchase at least 150 Vacation Points. As of 2022, the cost per Vacation Point was $207. This gives you a starting price of $31,050. A $250 one-time fee is required to prepare your documents.

Close costs will be at least $629, and at most $88 per month for membership dues. These can be paid as an annual one-time $1,056 payment. Membership fees and closing costs vary depending on the home resort. They can also rise year-over-year.


A romantic getaway at Bay Lake Tower, Disney’s Contemporary Resort costs just 150 Vacation Points. This includes a 7-night vacation for two in an upscale studio.

How much does Disney Vacation Club cost each month? At the moment, membership fees are at least $88. If you are looking to spread out your upfront costs over a longer period of time, financing may be available. It starts at $434 per monthly for a 10-year loan with 10% down payment (at minimum $3,298.50, given our figures above ).

Another option is to purchase points on the resale marketplace. This means that you are purchasing them from another member, and not Disney. This is a great way to save more.

How do I buy Disney Vacation Club Points

By signing a contract, you can purchase a certain number of Vacation Points as a member. These points will be added to your account each year, provided that you are still paying monthly dues and in good standing.

The property, room type, view, and length of your travel will all affect the number of points required for your trip. You can plan your redemptions according to the unique points chart for each property.

Here’s an example: The 2023 points chart of Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas in Ko Olina (Hawaii), for example.

Some people may struggle to determine how many points they need. You’ll want to think about how your family or you will use the points in the future, as you are buying long-term. You can either put your membership up for sale or bank the points.

Long-term planning can be daunting for people who aren’t familiar with Disney Vacation Club.

How do you rent Disney Vacation Club points

You can rent your points to other members if you don’t intend to use all of them in one year. To make up the difference between the amount of Vacation Points that you have and the amount required for your next redemption, you can rent them from other members.


If you want to spend more on vacation than usual, you can borrow Vacation Points from a future self.

These strategies will help you to avoid losing the value that you have invested and customize your membership to meet your current rather than future needs.

Disney Vacation Club Rental Tips

It is helpful to know someone: To rent vacation points, either work with an established points rental company (or find a friend or stranger on social media who is a member) and want to rent them.

You can transfer Vacation Points. You can save points to redeem for future travel if you are planning on traveling more in the next year.

Timing is important: You cannot roll over points during the first eight months a calendar year. Your points are frozen during the third quarter of the year and cannot be transferred to another year.

Disney Vacation Club, recapped

Disney Vacation Club is a great way to save money if you are able to travel frequently enough to Disney properties, or take guided trips and cruises with the company. If you are a more spontaneous traveler or prefer to make your own vacation plans, then perhaps it is not a good idea to commit funds to such a program in advance.

(Top Photo courtesy Walt Disney World Resort)

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