KLM Royal Dutch Airlines might be a good choice for your next trip to Europe. Economy flights can save money, but the idea of being crammed into a cramped cabin on a long flight may make you shiver. Do premium economy tickets exist for KLM? KLM Premium Comfort tickets are available. You get the same […]

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines might be a good choice for your next trip to Europe. Economy flights can save money, but the idea of being crammed into a cramped cabin on a long flight may make you shiver.

Do premium economy tickets exist for KLM? KLM Premium Comfort tickets are available. You get the same benefits and comforts as business class, but without paying for extra.

This is everything you need about KLM premium economy tickets.

What can you expect from flying KLM premium economy

What you will get when you book a premium economy flight on KLM:

  • Comfortable seating. Premium Economy seats offer more legroom than standard economy seats, with a length of 39 inches, compared to 31 inches, and a deeper recline (8 inches versus 5 ins).

  • Additional baggage. European airlines can be stricter with baggage allowances than domestic U.S. airlines. KLM premium economy tickets include two bags checked and one item to carry on board.

  • You have more food and beverages options. Economy passengers get complimentary food, as well as a choice between beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. Premium Comfort upgrades allow you to enjoy a more expensive meal and additional wine and liquor choices.

  • Entertainment options. Premium economy passengers have the option to watch movies and TV shows on a 13.3 inch entertainment system with noise-canceling headsets. In addition to the USB A outlet that is available for economy passengers, premium economy passengers have access to a 110v AC outlet.

  • Enjoy comfort.

  • A memorable airport experience. Premium Comfort passengers will be able to enjoy SkyPriority benefits including a dedicated check in desk, priority baggage drop off and pickup, priority security screening and quicker security screening.

How do I book a KLM Premium Comfort flight

You can book a premium economy flight with KLM by visiting the airline’s website. Choose your flight type, departure and arrival cities, and travel dates. Choose the number of passengers you wish to travel and then choose “Premium Comfort Class”.

Log in to your Flying Blue account before you make your bookings.

KLM partner airlines such as Air France, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic may appear in flight search results. By clicking on “Airlines”, you can filter the search results for KLM flights and deactivate the boxes for any other airlines.

You can easily find the flight that suits your budget and schedule by looking at KLM flight results. Click on the flight you wish to book, and then select the type of fare: flex (more money but not refundable), or nonrefundable (less). To meet your budget requirements, you can choose to upgrade to business or downgrade to economy.

Next, complete the return flight process and then pay for your flight. A credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees, and offers travel protections in the event of a flight being canceled, delayed or interrupted is recommended.

KLM economy vs. premium economy

Comparing the benefits of KLM economy and premium economy tickets shows that there are significant differences that make it worth paying more. This is especially true for longer flights between destinations.

  • You will have a better in-flight experience. You also get noise-canceling headphones, a blanket and pillow for business class.

  • A great airport experience. Premium Economy passengers have priority check-in, priority baggage drop off and pickup areas, as well as priority security lanes.

  • Priority for boarding. Premium Comfort fares allow you to board before economy passengers, so you can get in your seat quicker and have access to overhead bins earlier.

  • Pricing. You can expect to pay more for a premium economy ticket than a standard economy seat, regardless of whether you are paying with miles or cash. These seats are a great compromise to the more expensive business-class fares.

How to get great value

You can get a great deal on your flight by booking a KLM premium Economy ticket using miles or cash.

Book with miles

Book flights with miles can help you save a lot of money. Although you will still have to pay taxes and fees for your trip, your out-of-pocket expense will be significantly lower. If you have enough miles, you might be able upgrade to a better-class ticket.

Transfer points to partners

Flying Blue is one the most well-known airline transfer partners. You can transfer your rewards 1:1 from the following:

Marriott Bonvoy points can also be transferred on a 3:1 basis to Flying Blue. For every 60,000 Bonvoy point you transfer, you will receive 5,000 Flying Blue miles. When you transfer into your Flying Blue account, all points earned from different programs can be combined.

Bonus point transfers

Flying Blue may offer a transfer bonus if you convert your rewards from a partner to Flying Blue. These bonuses allow you to get enough rewards to book an award ticket on Air France or KLM.

Look for Flying Blue promo award flights

Flying Blue regularly announces discount award flights between select destinations. Flying between these cities can help you save significant miles. Flying between New York-JFK and Chicago-O’Hare, for example, is as low as 11,250 miles. This includes Europe up to March 31, 2023.

Pay with miles or cash

KLM offers a way for travelers to pay their ticket using both cash and miles. This allows you to pay for your ticket more easily. The best part? You’ll get miles for every dollar you spend on your booking, even the portion that was paid in miles.

You can use miles to upgrade your flight

Your miles may allow you to upgrade your KLM economy flight ticket. You can upgrade your flight by checking in online or at self-service kiosks located at the airport. You may be able to upgrade at the last minute on certain legs of your flight.

Book with the right Credit Card

When it comes to paying for flights, not all credit cards are equal. When booking a flight, we recommend that you use a card with travel protections. To maximize your rewards, you should choose a card with bonus points for travel purchases.

Book through a travel portal

Some travel portals offer bonus points for booking flights via their portals, in addition to the credit card. You can check out:

You will get extra points for the purchase. However, if there are any issues with the purchase, adding an intermediary can complicate the process. For any issues that may arise, the airline and travel portal could blame each other.

Premium Economy on KLM Flights – Recapped

Consider booking a KLM premium Economy ticket on your next international flight. These tickets offer a compromise between business and economy class. You’ll get additional benefits with a lower ticket price.

KLM Premium Comfort fares offer a more comfortable seat and extra amenities. You will also receive special treatment at the airport. The extra legroom and deeper recline, regardless of whether you pay with cash or miles can be worth the cost.

Maximizing your Rewards

A travel credit card should be able to prioritize what is most important to you. These are our top picks for the top travel credit cards for 2022.