It can be difficult to seek medical help abroad. It is possible that you don’t speak the language or are not near a hospital. You might also not have enough money to pay for treatment. Even worse, your travel insurance may not cover the cost – if you have any. Medjet provides complete assistance when […]

It can be difficult to seek medical help abroad. It is possible that you don’t speak the language or are not near a hospital. You might also not have enough money to pay for treatment. Even worse, your travel insurance may not cover the cost – if you have any.

Medjet provides complete assistance when you have to return home from a range of circumstances. This membership service is able to assist you in all medical emergencies, unlike most travel insurance companies that have many exclusions.

What Medjet covers and what it doesn’t, and who should use it in today’s travel environment?

What’s Medjet?

Medjet, a subscription service for medical evacuation, will help you in case you are injured or suffer from an accident that is more than 150 miles away from your home. You can immediately return to your doctor or preferred medical facility.

This service is different from traditional travel insurance policies by several things:

There are many travel insurance plans that allow for medical evacuation. They won’t let you choose where you get care. Medjet will fly you to the nearest medical facility as quickly as possible, even if it is not feasible for you to get the same treatment there.

All activities are covered. Many travel insurance policies don’t cover injuries sustained while doing adventure activities such as scuba diving and rock climbing. Medjet can help you get medical attention even if your injuries are caused by these activities.

There are no claims or limits on coverage. Medjet is a subscription service that covers all costs associated with transporting you home. You won’t have to file claims, wait for reimbursement, or worry about exceeding your coverage limit, unlike traditional insurance.

This policy does not cover medical evacuation. However, it covers many scenarios such as trip delays, cancellations, baggage loss, and more. Medjet does not cover costs for you to be ill or have to return home from your trip.

What’s included in Medjet?

MedjetAssist is one plan, while MedjetHorizon offers two. MedjetAssist covers only medical evacuation costs. MedjetHorizon provides coverage for evacuations due to emergency situations.

Medjet will activate your benefits for both plans once you are admitted to a hospital in another country. You can travel with one companion if you have to fly home. Each year, you are allowed to make up to two emergency medical evacuations.


This plan includes the following:

  • Transfer between hospitals, even if not medically necessary.

  • Choose a medical facility.

  • All costs for transfer to the U.S., either overseas or domestically.

  • Referrals to medical emergency services, translation services and message relay.

  • Transfer of mortal bodies.


This plan offers the same coverage as MedjetAssist, plus

  • Cash advance to cover a medical emergency.

  • Specialty hospital transfer and ground ambulance (less than 150 miles).

  • Emergency response to travel threats, terrorist acts, natural disasters, and violent crime.

  • Emergency response for kidnapping, disappearance, wrongful imprisonment, blackmail, and extortion.

  • Referrals to legal professionals.

  • Trip intelligence alerts.

Does Medjet cover COVID-19?

Yes. Medjet benefits are available to you if you have to travel home to receive medical coverage for COVID-19 and you don’t need to be quarantined.

What is Medjet missing?

Medjet is strictly an emergency medical evacuation service. You will be covered for the full cost of your medical transport, as well as assistance in crisis situations under MedjetHorizon. However, it does not cover any other items that are normally covered by travel insurance.

Medjet doesn’t cover situations like lost bags, delayed flights, robberies, or passport thefts. You can get comprehensive coverage for multiple travel mishaps by purchasing a travel insurance policy or using a credit card that offers travel insurance.

How much does Medjet cost?

Medjet’s cost varies depending on your age, type of coverage you need, length of coverage you require, and whether you wish to include family members in your membership.

A plan that provides coverage for 15 days for emergency response, medical transfer and security for individuals under the age of 74 was $245

To get an estimate of the cost of your plan, use the enrollment tool

What membership options are available at Medjet?

The company offers a variety of membership plans to cater for different types and travel styles:

  • Short term: Individuals younger than 75 for trips of 30 days or less

  • Annual Persons and families younger than 75 years old, valid for less then 90 consecutive days.

  • Annual Plan for People 75-84. Valid for less than 90 days consecutively.

  • Collegiate : Students and faculty can study abroad for up to 140 days.

  • Expatriate Individuals who reside or work in another country (six-month or 12-month memberships).

  • Motorbike: Insurance to get your bike home in an emergency.

  • Domestic U.S. citizens who live or work in the continental U.S.

  • Customized Memberships : Coverage for businesses, organizations, or other groups.

To be eligible for the plan benefits, you must purchase a membership prior to your trip.

For whom is Medjet most suitable?

While this service is great for everyone, it’s especially useful for

  • You can travel to remote areas. It can be comforting to know that you can return home in an emergency if there isn’t much medical care available. Medjet covers medical evacuation worldwide without any restrictions.

  • Take part in adventure travel activities. You can plan your trip and be covered.

  • Complex medical requirements. Travelers with pre-existing conditions can have the option to return home and get care from doctors who are familiar with their situation. This will reduce stress and allow you to explore more options. Medjet does not exclude travelers with pre-existing conditions.

Medjet medical evacuation coverage, recapped

Although it is not travel insurance, Medjet can provide a helpful service in the event that you are injured or become sick in a foreign place. They will transport you home with no restrictions, so that you can get medical care from the doctor of your choice. Is it worth the cost of a membership? You can decide.

However, those who have used Medjet’s services in the past years are sure to be grateful.

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