Relaxing in an airport lounge prior to your flight is one of the best ways you can make your trip more enjoyable. You can choose from up 620 Oneworld Lounges if you fly American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. You will need to have Oneworld elite status, a qualifying flight or a lounge membership to gain […]

Relaxing in an airport lounge prior to your flight is one of the best ways you can make your trip more enjoyable. You can choose from up 620 Oneworld Lounges if you fly American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. You will need to have Oneworld elite status, a qualifying flight or a lounge membership to gain access to Oneworld lounges.

Everything you need to know regarding Oneworld lounges, from how to access them to where to find one on your next trip.

Types of Oneworld Lounges

Oneworld claims that passengers can access up to 622 airport lounges. Access to lounges varies depending on the type of lounge. Here is a list of all three types of Oneworld lounges.

Oneworld lounges

  • Oneworld elites at both the Sapphire and Emerald levels.

  • First- and Business-class passengers flying on any Oneworld airline.

British Airways operates almost all Oneworld lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport. An Alaska Airlines MVP Gold elite member with Alaska Airlines MVP Gold status can access Sapphire-branded Oneworld airline Lounges. MVP Gold corresponds with Oneworld Sapphire elite status. These lounges are available to anyone who is not flying Alaska.

Oneworld-branded Lounges

Oneworld will be developing a network branded Oneworld lounges in addition to lounges operated by airlines. Oneworld announced that it will begin rolling out Oneworld-branded, managed airport lounges as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations in 2019. Currently, one of these lounges is not in operation.

LAX’s Oneworld Lounge is not branded with any airline logo. Oneworld refers to it as the “Los Angeles Business Lounge” The lounge is available to Oneworld Sapphire, Emerald and business- and first class passengers who fly on any Oneworld airline.


Oneworld Emerald status allows you to skip the Oneworld Lounge at LAX for business-class. For a great bar and dining experience, go to Qantas First next door.

Contract Oneworld lounges

Oneworld’s last group of lounges is made up of lounges not linked to Oneworld. These lounges are partnered with Oneworld airlines to offer premium access to their passengers. This means that you cannot access these lounges if your flight is on a specific Oneworld airline.

Let’s go back to Heathrow Terminal 5 Oneworld Lounges. Qatar Airways has partnered with Club Aspire Lounge, a British Airways lounge operator, to offer lounge access to its first- and business class passengers.

This means that an American Airlines Platinum (Oneworld Sapphire), can access the lounge while flying on Qatar Airways, but not on British Airways. This passenger could also access the lounges of British Airways brand Sapphire from the same terminal.

Where to find Oneworld lounges

Oneworld’s airport lounge search tool is the best way to locate Oneworld lounges. To find Oneworld lounges at your airport, simply enter the name of the city or airport code into the search bar. Click “find lounges” for a list.

This tool will show you that there is only one Oneworld lounge at Tampa International Airport. It’s called the Admirals Club and it’s open to Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald elites as well as business- and first-class travelers on Oneworld airlines.

There are 15 Oneworld lounges at London Heathrow, with many access restrictions and policies.

How do I get Oneworld Lounge Access

Oneworld Lounges are generally accessible to Travelers.

Remember that to access the Oneworld lounges, you must have a confirmed ticket for a Oneworld flight departing the same day.

Oneworld elite status

Oneworld offers three levels of elite status: Ruby (Silver), Sapphire (Emerald) Oneworld Ruby passengers don’t have lounge access but Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald elites get access to Oneworld lounges whenever they fly on Oneworld airlines.

  • Oneworld Sapphire Elites have access to Sapphire-branded (business) lounges.

  • Oneworld Emerald Elites have access to Sapphire- and Emerald-branded (business and first class) lounges.

Are you unsure which Oneworld elite status level you are on? These are the Oneworld elite status levels for popular Oneworld airlines.

Oneworld partner airline

Oneworld Sapphire

Oneworld Emerald

American Airlines AAdvantage

AAdvantage Silver.

Executive Platinum and AAdvantage Platinum Pro.

Alaska Mileage Plan.

MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold 100K.

British Airways Executive Club.

Please note that Oneworld Lounge access is not available to American Airlines AAdvantage or Alaska Mileage Plan Elites on flights within North America.

Flying first or business class

Flying in first or business class on any Oneworld airline is another way to gain Oneworld lounge access. You can generally access any Oneworld lounge in Sapphire-branded business class when you fly on any Oneworld airline. Oneworld first-class passengers can also access any Oneworld lounge with Oneworld Emerald branding or first class.

You may be able to access Oneworld lounges if you fly in a premium cabin. Royal Jordanian first- and business-class passengers have access to the Thai Airways Royal Orchid/Silk lounges at Bangkok.

Lounge membership

Lounge memberships are the final way to gain Oneworld lounge access. Many Oneworld airlines offer lounge memberships that allow access to their lounges and some partner lounges.

American Airlines Admirals Club members have access to more than 60 partner lounges. These lounges are mostly Oneworld lounges. These lounges include Japan Airlines Sakura Lounges located in Tokyo and Frankfurt, and select British Airways lounges throughout Europe.

Alaska Lounge+ members have access to more than 90 partner lounges, in addition to Alaska’s nine airport lounges. This includes accessing Admirals Club locations while flying Alaska, American Airlines or Qantas Club when you fly Qantas.

Priority Pass allows travelers to access Oneworld lounges. This lounge membership, which is available to many premium credit card holders, grants you access to more than 1,300 lounges around the world, including several Oneworld ones. Access may be restricted. Priority Pass members have access to the British Airways lounge in San Francisco between 5 and 11:15 a.m. each day.

Oneworld lounges, recapped

Finding the best way to get to Oneworld lounges is the first step. This could be Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald elite status or a business- or First-class ticket on Oneworld airlines or a lounge membership.

To find the best lounges available for your next trip, use the Oneworld lounge search engine. Next, make sure to review the access policies for each lounge. This will ensure that you are not restricted to certain airlines.

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