For most things, inflation has occurred. This includes travel expenses such as airfare and hotels. However, TSA PreCheck’s cost has seen a little deflation.

TSA PreCheck has been reduced in price by the Transportation Security Administration from $85 to $78. This is good news for travelers who wish to speed through security without having to remove their shoes or laptops. However, the $85 price tag was a deterrent.

The recent price drop at TSA may not be surprising considering the fact that there have been several price drops recently. TSA reduced its online renewal fee from $85 – $70 in September 2021 (though it was $85 to renew in person). It now costs $78 to renew in person, matching the new reduced initial application fee. However, you can still renew online ).

Eligibility lasts five years after approval for TSA PreCheck.

Credit cards with low-annual-fees that cover your TSA PreCheck application fees include:

Travel cards that include TSA PreCheck

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You can also exchange points with some loyalty programs of hotels and airlines to pay the TSA PreCheck application fees. To pay for TSA PreCheck, United Airlines flyers can redeem 11,000 MileagePlus points. NerdWallet rates United Mileage Plus Miles at 1.2 cents per, so you will have to give up $132 to pay the application fee. This is a poor deal, but it can still be worth it if you don’t plan to use United miles.

Maximizing your Rewards

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