United Airlines is breaking new ground in airline lounges by opening a grab-and-go lounge at Denver International Airport. United Airlines is the first domestic airline in this category to offer a lounge that is designed for frequent travelers. According to a recent survey, more than half of United MileagePlus members enjoy taking a drink or snack with them.

United Club members, eligible international travelers, can visit the lounge to get fresh sandwiches, salads and snacks, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea, or water. They are also able to “guilt-free” take-offs for their flights. This lounge will please anyone who is rushing between flights but still wants to grab something to eat or drink. This lounge is designed to complement existing lounges in Denver, with two located in the B concourse and one new lounge in the A concourse.

What’s United Club Fly?

It’s been called “United Club Lite” by some travel writers because it is a smaller version of the United Club. It’s more like a local deli or market, and is purely a food and beverage stop.

United opened the first United Club Fly Denver, because almost two-thirds its customers make connections there. However, they have hinted at opening other locations in the near future.

It is conveniently located near gate B61 and is close to the airport where many regional aircraft of the carrier park. Passengers may have to hurry to their next flight, or wait for their bags to arrive on smaller planes. This could make it difficult to find time to grab something to eat. United Club Fly is here to help.

United Club Fly design

(Photo courtesy of Ramsey Qubein)

At the automated entry gate, eligible visitors must scan their boarding passes. After that they will pass through a small seating area featuring a faux fireplace. The furnishings were all sourced from Colorado.

(Photo courtesy of Ramsey Qubein)

Visitors will find the lounge fast and easy with a one-way flow. This allows them to move quickly from one exit to another. This prevents bottlenecks but guests can still linger to charge up their devices if necessary. You will find USB-A or USB-C outlets throughout the lounge.

This space is a showcase of regional design. From the roof shape to the faux fireplace in the interior, the space resembles a ski chalet. Frosted glass windows create the illusion of falling snow.

United Club Fly food & drinks

Specialty coffee drinks can be made at a barista coffee shop. Self-service machines are available to brew specialty Illy coffee drinks for those who don’t want to wait.

(Photo courtesy of Ramsey Qubein)

A wide variety of juices, smoothies, and soft drinks can be found in refrigerators. Refillable water bottles are a popular option. You can also find other snacks like sandwiches, wraps and salads, as well as hard-boiled eggs, crudite, and cut fruits.

(Photo courtesy of Ramsey Qubein)

United deliberately chose snacks that can be eaten on-the-go, even on an airplane. Regional jet flights often do not offer food onboard. This can make it difficult for hungry passengers with limited connections.

Colorado brands were also selected for the lounge, including Noosa Canyon potato chips. Photo by Ramsey Qubein

It is important to offer easy-to-eat snacks for lounge guests that don’t make the aircraft messy. It will take cleaners longer and may delay the flight if food scraps, crumbs, and trash are left onboard.

United will offer a rotating menu of choices throughout the year. This is in response to customer demand for variety, whether it’s in the lounges or onboard aircraft. United will monitor how many people consume each item and when they are consumed, in order to better understand the demand for each one.

Who can it be used?

Other people can also access United Clubs. You can access the United Clubs on your international same-day flight if you are Star Alliance Gold member. Premium cabin passengers on a United or Star Alliance carrier same-day international flight or a premium transcontinental flight on United.

Important caveat: Eligible passengers cannot bring guests. This is in contrast to the United Club guest access policies. United Club Fly is easy to use because it allows members to grab and go. This makes it possible for them to take snacks and beverages with them to share with their travel companions.

Are there any other lounges that offer grab-and go snacks?

United is the first domestic airline offering such a grab and go concept. Star Alliance partner Air Canada also has a similar marketplace at Toronto Pearson International Airport, where eligible passengers can purchase snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Capital One cardholders who are passing through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport may be able to visit one of the many airport lounges. If you’re short on time, you can find a refrigerated station with snacks, sandwiches, and non-alcoholic beverages that you can bring along. Capital One plans to open additional airport lounges in Washington-Dulles, and Denver.

United believes that this lounge concept can be scaled in other airports. However, first, the carrier needs to gather employee and customer feedback.

Grab snacks on the go at United Club Fly

The new United Club Fly is available at Denver International Airport. For United Lounge Access travelers who want to grab something quick, this express lounge has grab-and-go snacks. This lounge is for all Denver-bound flyers. This perk is available to United Club members and allows passengers to create their own mini picnic on the skies for their next flight.

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